What else do you want me to do

 What else do you want me to do

Apart from a small number of extremely strong complex elements, most people buy cars to consider the following factors: good appearance? Luxury interior? Is the configuration abundant? Is the space wide or spacious? Do you have enough power? Every car company tries its best to build perfect cars. When products with similar characteristics flock together, they form a subdivision field, such as the compact SUV camp, the SUV camp of medium-sized cars, and so on.

There will be competition when there is a market. At this time, the price is not cheap, which has become a very important factor in judging the merits and demerits. If a new car is perfect and cheap, it is in line with the image of ultra-high cost performance in everyones mind. According to the above standards, today we will judge the tenth generation Sonata in Beijing.

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Born in 1985, Hyundai Sonata, after nine changes, finally interprets an earth shaking change for us when it comes to the 10th generation.

The Elite Edition and the flagship edition are very happy

The performance of Korean cars in terms of configuration will never disappoint. The 10th generation Sonata entry-level model configuration has no obvious hard injury. It is equipped with dual zone automatic air conditioning, 12.3-inch central control screen, 7-inch LCD Meter, tire pressure monitoring, reversing image, leather multi-functional steering wheel, lane keeping, front collision warning, electronic handbrake, automatic parking, LED automatic headlight, keyless entry and one-stop Key start and so on. This level is higher than the average of the same level. The configuration of the top configuration version of the two displacement can be described as a surprise. All aspects are covered, including the increase of full LCD Meter, front electric seat, constant speed cruise, front reversing radar, wireless charging, navigation, side air curtain, interconnection function and various active safety configuration, etc The vehicle has been upgraded in all directions.

* quasi medium and large size for non pressure rear row

The 10th generation Sonata has a length, width and height of 4955 / 1860 / 1445mm and a wheelbase of 2890mm. Such a figure makes it surpass several hot market players such as Volkswagen maiteng, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. It can even be said that it has become a quasi medium and large car. Compared with the overseas version, the length and wheelbase of the 10th generation Sonata are increased by 55mm and 50mm respectively, and the length and wheelbase of the 9th generation model are increased by 100mm and 85mm respectively.

Different people have different opinions on perceptual matters

If the above three are rational things, then the appearance, interior and power are all perceptual things. Is the appearance of the tenth generation Sonata beautiful? I think everyone has their own answer and basis. From a personal point of view, I think its a bit too powerful, and the overall sense of coordination is not as good as that of the neighbor K5 Kaiku. Before that, Netease automobile specially voted for the design style of these two cars.

As for interior decoration, to be honest, since the design of connecting two 12.3-inch LCD screens on the S-class of Mercedes Benz in 2013, countless new cars have begun to learn from each other in recent years, some of which are invisible and some are copy and paste. Therefore, when the 10th generation Sonata also adopts this style, it is definitely a breakthrough for modern itself, but from an aesthetic point of view, it is a little tired.

Some people may ask why motivation is emotional? Horsepower and torque are cold numbers, but they cant be completely equated with driving experience. Im a person with high requirements for power and control. Although I havent really driven the 10th generation Sonata, the combination of 2.0T + 240ps + 353n u00b7 m still gives me some expectations. Id like to share the experience with the old drivers of the editorial department for reference.