Finally, the new civic hatchback is coming out tonight

 Finally, the new civic hatchback is coming out tonight

Since it is a hatchback, there are also some changes in the body size. The length, width and height of the new civic hatchback are 4517 * 1799 * 1434mm and 2700mm respectively. In addition, the rear of the new civic hatchback is the embodiment of the value of the car. Every detail has its highlights. First of all, it has a double-layer spoiler. Although compared with the Type-R, the large tail is still lack of momentum. However, the middle of the double-layer spoiler is designed with a hollow out design. The air flow can enter from here at high speed, and enhance the downward pressure to increase the driving stability, which has both beauty and performance.

In fact, the interior design and details of the new civic hatchback are not much new. They are almost the same as that of the civic hatchback. The difference is that the new civic hatchback uses all black treatment on the ABC column and roof. If you are tall, you will feel a bit oppressive to sit in.

It is worth mentioning that the new civic hatchback also has a high configuration model, which is a manual transmission version. This model is not only equipped with leather steering wheel, but also equipped with Honda sensing safety super sensing system, which supports CMBS collision mitigation braking, ACC active cruise control, LKAS Lane holding assistance, RDM Lane offset suppression, etc., which achieves comprehensive protection.

The new civic hatchback uses the familiar 1.5T earth dream engine, with a maximum power of 130kW / 6000rpm. It is still the original formula and familiar taste. Depending on the gearbox, there are some differences in power adjustment. The peak torque of 6-speed manual transmission is 6 N u00b7 m higher than that of CVT transmission, and the peak torque is 226n u00b7 M / 1700-5500rpm.


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