3.8 million to buy a floating UFO hotel suite, sleeping under the sea level is exciting

 3.8 million to buy a floating UFO hotel suite, sleeping under the sea level is exciting

The interior living space can sink into the sea, and the panoramic glass window has a submarine like view, so you can enjoy the underwater scenery closely.

You may be wondering, floating suite doesnt look big, whats the interior like?

The hull is 9.4 meters in diameter, 4.76 meters in height, 7 tons in weight, and 14 square meters in area of the solar cabin on the top floor.

The second floor has an indoor space of 50 uffe3 2, which can expand to 3 living spaces at most. The interior facilities are complete, including sofa and furniture in the living room, round bed and wardrobe in the bedroom, double basins and large bathtub in the bathroom, and fully equipped kitchen and bar.

The selection of internal and external equipment and function design is inspired by natural elements, and the use is very humanized.

The top roof is lifted up, and there is a circular terrace with curved sofa and furniture, which can accommodate up to 12 people to sunbathe and have parties.

The roof can be controlled electrically, and the angle can be changed automatically along the wind direction.

When the door is opened, a sunshade protrudes.

Through the movable windshield, not only let the living room and bedroom natural ventilation, but also can create more rooms.

Floating in the sea hotel, how to solve the catering accommodation?

Dont worry, food and drinks are delivered by a specially assigned person in a kayak, you just enjoy it.

And it also carries an automation system that controls lighting and door opening and closing through smart phones.

Whats cool is that anthenea is equipped with a certified wastewater treatment system to ensure that the surrounding sea area is not polluted.

This floating suite has one bedroom, two bedroom and even three bedroom options. Moreover, officials claim that such a customized floating suite can be delivered in 48 hours, which is 100% produced by French shipyards.

At first, you might not have thought of any other way to sleep in the sea except for a private yacht or a luxury cruise ship. But now you can have it. This suite from Anthea costs $535000 (about RMB 3.8 million), which is too expensive. Is it not beautiful to sleep in it and have a nice vacation?