The five words of Xi Jinpings trip to Jilin are very profound.

 The five words of Xi Jinpings trip to Jilin are very profound.

On this trip to Jilin, Xi Jinping has five sentences which are vivid, concise and profound.

Jilin Songliao plain, known as golden corn belt and hometown of soybean, is one of the main grain producing areas in China.

On the 22 day, Xi Jinping came to Lishu County in the hinterland of Songliao plain and went into the corn field to see the cultivation of black soil and the growth of corn. He stressed that effective measures must be taken to protect the black soil, the giant panda in cultivated land.

The metaphor of this life reflects Xi Jinpings high regard for black land, food security and agricultural development. In September 2018, Xi Jinping picked up a bowl of rice when he was in Heilongjiang, and said with great meaning, Chinas grain! Chinese rice bowl Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia this year, Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the more we face the challenges of risk, the more we need to stabilize agriculture, the more we need to ensure the safety of grain and important non-staple food.

In this investigation in Jilin, Xi Jinping pointed out that Jilin should put food security in a prominent position, do a good job in grain production without delay, speed up the transformation of agricultural development mode, and create more experience in exploring the path of modern agricultural development.

In Luwei agricultural machinery farmers professional cooperatives, learned that the annual income of peasant households per hectare can reach more than 10000 yuan, Xi Jinping was very happy. He stressed that it is necessary to actively support new agricultural business entities such as family farms and farmers cooperatives, and encourage local governments to explore different professional cooperative models according to local conditions.

At the critical moment, looking at grain on the black land, Xi Jinping used the giant panda to describe the black land with great meaning.

Let the wind and waves rise and sit firmly on the Diaoyutai

On the 23 day, Xi Jinping came to the Changshan Garden community party service center in Tuanshan street of Changchun city to understand the social governance at the grass-roots level.

This metaphor is very vivid, pointing out the fundamental role of grassroots social governance. Xi Jinping once said, the community is the foundation of the grass roots. Only when the foundation is strong, can the national building be stable. This time, Xi Jinping, a community cadre college in Changchun, Jilin, stressed that the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity can only be strengthened and not weakened.

Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to urban and rural community governance. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been recorded in the investigation activities of Xi Jinping since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. In February, the Anli community in anzhen street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, in February, the East Lake new town community in Wuhan, East Lake, March, Jinping community in Lao County, Shaanxi County, Ankang City, June, and the Jinhua Garden community in the Litong District of Wuzhong City in June.

In Jilin, Xi Jinping once again asked for Community Governance: we should strengthen the leadership of the party, promote the party organization to the most basic level, improve the working system of the grass-roots party organization, and provide a strong guarantee for the urban and rural community governance.

As long as you have the ability, there will be a stage.

23, in the FAW Group R & D Laboratory of China, I heard that there were several graduates who graduated this year. Xi Jinping asked them which schools they graduated, and how their incomes were coming. They were not satisfied with their work here.

Xi Jinping stressed that party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to the employment of university graduates, and university graduates should change their concept of employment and employment. He pointed out that as long as there is ambition, there will be a career; as long as there is ability, there will be a stage..

Behind this sentence is Xi Jinpings concern about the employment problem and the deep concern for peoples safety and well-being. Facing the impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Xi Jinping stressed on different occasions that it is very important to do well in the work of six stability and to implement the six guarantees task. Last month, novel coronavirus pneumonia was emphasized in Xi Jinpings visit to Ningxia. Efforts should be made to overcome the adverse effects of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and to ensure a stable employment and protect peoples livelihood.

Data shows that in the first half of the year, 5.64 million new urban jobs were created, 63% of the annual target task was completed; in June, the unemployment rate of the national urban survey was 5.7%. The Ministry of human resources and social security pointed out that in the second quarter, with the steady progress of returning to work and production, the demand for the labor market rose and the employment situation gradually stabilized.

The opening of the second half of the year stabilized, but there are still challenges.

In Jilin, Xi Jinping pointed out that we should highlight the employment of key groups such as college graduates, veterans, migrant workers and urban poor. He stressed that we should always keep the peoples lives and work in peace and contentment in mind.

Seize the opportunity to overtake on the curve

On the 23 day, Xi Jinping came to China FAW Group R & D general office, entered the laboratory to understand the technological research and development of enterprises, and inspected the latest brand of the red flag and other brand products.

After seeing the achievements of FAWs technological innovation and independent brand building, Xi Jinping felt bright at the moment. Xi Jinping pointed out that we must strengthen the independent research and development of key core technologies and key parts, and achieve self reliance and self reliance in technology and strengthen our national brand. In todays world, the manufacturing industry is facing fierce competition. Xi Jinping stressed that we must seize opportunities, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, and achieve overtaking in curves.

In 2018, in Liaoyang Petrochemical Company, Xi Jinping told a story: you made the first Dacron in China. After decades of trials and hardships, some new products have reached the world-class level and filled the gap. I hope you will continue to make persistent efforts to forge ahead and make better achievements as the seed team of the Republic

Similarly, in Northeast China, Xi Jinping, once a member of the China heavy Group Co. Ltd., once said: unilateralism and protectionism in the world are rising. We must go on the road of self-reliance. This is not a bad thing. Chinas development will ultimately depend on itself.

Independence and self strengthening are the core connotations of Xi Jinpings demand for overtaking the curve.

On the 22 day, Xi Jinping came to Siping and walked into the memorial hall of Siping campaign. He said with emotion: it is difficult to start a business, but it is more difficult to keep it. We must keep the great cause of socialism created by the Communist Party of China and pass it on from generation to generation.

Looking back on history, during the war of liberation, the peoples army led by the Communist Party of China won the final victory in the war of Siping at the cost of nearly 20000 people. In the Siping Campaign Memorial Hall, Xi Jinping watched and inquired carefully. He stressed that the four battles and four draws are only a major campaign in the process of our party leading the people in armed struggle. From the Nanchang Uprising on August 1 to the struggle in Jinggangshan, from the arduous Long March and the war of resistance against Japan to the war of liberation and the war of resistance against U.S. aggression and aid Korea, it was the blood of the revolutionary martyrs that made the revolution successful.

In the Siping Campaign Memorial Hall, Xi Jinping said, let 1 billion 400 million people and about 90000000 party members, especially leading cadres at all levels, learn the history of Chinas Communist Party and Chinas new history well. He stressed that we must bear in mind that new China was hard won.

No matter how far we go, we cant forget the way we came.

The smoke of Siping has been dispersed, but the strength of spiritual highland will always inspire the Chinese people. In Siping, Xi Jinping stressed that red resources should be used as a vivid teaching material to strengthen ideals and beliefs and strengthen party spirit cultivation, so as to educate and guide the party members and cadres to keep their hearts and responsibilities forever.