200 famous brand bags in master bedroom of 70000 / m2 new luxury house in Taipei

 200 famous brand bags in master bedroom of 70000 / m2 new luxury house in Taipei

There are trees and pebbles on the balcony to create the landscape ecology, about two Ping, the actual scene cost 2 million Taiwan dollars.

The living room is super large, with dark brown as the main color. The carpet is made of horse hair and wool by hand.

Theres a full set of bower & Wilkins sound equipment at home, which looks like a million. Its a Sony screen.

The whole house is designed with the same marble. The interior furniture also pursues the beauty of unity and harmony, and adopts a complete set of furniture layout. The living room has a lot of art.

Guest restaurant is an integrated design, with a low seat thermostatic wine cabinet partition space. The back wall of the restaurant is full of art collected by the owner.

There are washing machines and dryers on the balcony, and there is a special escape at one end of the balcony. The balcony looks disorderly, and there seems to be a lot of garbage. If you come closer, you can see that all of them are brand-name handbags, piled together like garbage.

The master has three bedrooms. Master bedroom a door sofa is all famous brand bags, this room where you can see the cabinet compartment is all valuable bags. There are about 200 bags in it.

The room also continues to extend the double-sided daylighting windows, the light is also excellent. Underground is also seamless hand woven carpet. The bathroom is also a luxury house essential double-sided basin, more than 100000 toilets and comfortable Jacuzzi.

The study is simple and warm, with many family photos.

Since the owner of the house has become a grandmother, many of the designs in the family have taken into account the existence of children. The furniture has been provided with anti-collision protection measures, and a childrens room has been specially prepared for the grandson, so that the children can come to live.

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