Harry and his wifes new book reveals Royal Secrets

 Harry and his wifes new book reveals Royal Secrets

Because of this, Harry decided to take Megan out of the British royal family, that is, they are no longer international protected persons. Looking for freedom describes some senior members of the royal family as vipers and criticizes them for trying to undermine the Harry couples global prestige. At the same time, Harry thought his family was unprotected and was demeaned in the royal family for being too sensitive and outspoken..

According to the sun on the 26th, sources said that the Harry couples move has destroyed Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family to help them restore any possibility. An unnamed member of the British royal family commented on the incident: as family members who love them deeply, our royal family will always open the door to them, but we think it is difficult to see them return to the royal family and balance business work and royal responsibilities.

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Harry called William a snob

According to the daily mail on the 25th, the biography is called looking for freedom: the formation of a modern royal family, which was co written by the Royal editor of fashion magazine fashion bazaar and Caroline Durand, royal correspondent of Elle. The two are called cheerleaders of Harry and his wife, and the former claims to be Megans soul mate. The book describes Harry and his wife as victims, revealing their grievances together.

According to the book, contradictions have emerged since Megan was introduced to the royal family. People in the palace described Megan as an advertising girl with a lot of ideological baggage. According to the book, when Harry and Megan got married, there was a climax in the country, which made the Royal conservatives and other members of the royal family worried that Harry and Megans popularity would outweigh the royal family itself. Some Buckingham Palace staff described the Sussex team as a squeaky light bulb in the palace.

According to the book, William and Kate always get the best people and attention in all kinds of official occasions, which makes Harry and Megan feel frustrated that they always have to give way to other members of the royal family. Not only did Buckingham Palaces senior attendants show distrust of Megan, but the Harry and his wife also suspected that the palace people often distorted the facts and disclosed to the media.

The book also tells of the discord between the Harry and the wilhelms. According to the book, Kate is very indifferent to Megan. After Megan and Harry are engaged, Kate even refuses to make eye contact with Megan in public. The relationship between the two has been very tense, and even when Megan finally leaves as a senior member of the royal family, Kate gives her the cold shoulder. In addition, the book also implies that there is racial discrimination within the royal family, saying that a lot of criticism of Megan is because she is of color.

Vanity Fair magazine said on the 25th that the book will further deepen the rift between William and Harry. According to the book, when Harry and Megan got engaged, William worried that their relationship would develop too fast, which made Harry very angry, calling William a snob. For a time, the relationship between the two brothers was so bad that they didnt talk to each other. According to the daily mail, the new book will blame William for the rift between the two brothers and the separation of Harry and his wife from the royal family and portray him as a bad man, resulting in a poor image. If so, it is likely to cause a new disaster in the British royal family which has just calmed down.

Megan wants to borrow books to wash white?

According to the daily mail, Megan has been revealing the selling point of the book to the media through friends in recent days: exclusive disclosure of the story behind her withdrawal from the royal family and her migration to the United States. The reason for their separation from the royal family is explained in the book as Harry wants to stay away from public life, not Megans wish to leave, saying that because Harrys heart has been struggling, and Megan has opened a door for him.

Megan, 38, told a friend in tears that she had given up all her life for the sake of the family.. According to friends close to Megan, Megan has been trying to get the biography published as soon as possible, because she believes that people can understand the reason why she and Harry separated from the British royal family and stop calling her a devil who only pursues power and fame.

Vanity Fair magazine said that although the British royal family tried to play down the authenticity of the book, some tabloids said the book was authorized by the Harry couple, forcing the couple to make a statement on the 24th to draw a line from the book. There is no interview with Harry and Megan in this book, author Scobie confessed in an interview with the times, but said the time I spent with the couple allowed me to get to know the writer.. The author claims to have contacted more than 100 sources, saying the book was written with the people closest to the Harry and Mrs. Harry and spoke to members of Harry and Megans inner circle..

Harry and his wifes popularity has plummeted

According to the express, there are serious differences in the views of the British public on the Harry couple, and the publication of the book has caused considerable repercussions on social media, with some expressing sympathy and some questioning the motive and background of the book. One twitter user said: can you imagine Megan and Harrys terrible behavior that caused them to be left out? That must be bad. We may not even know half of it. The royal family is trained to do well anyway, so everything Harry and Megan do is very bad

Prince Harrys popularity in Britain has plummeted, the Sun reported. In June 2012, yougov2, a pollster, found that only 9% of people thought Prince Harry was a burden to the British, up from 38% in 2020. In 2012, 75% of people thought Prince Harry was a national treasure, but now it has dropped to 35%. At the same time, 51% of British people think Megan is a British burden, only 24% think she is Britains wealth.