Huole technologys nut projector plays with large screen to seize the market opportunity

 Huole technologys nut projector plays with large screen to seize the market opportunity

Over the years, huole science and technology has been constantly tackling the projection technology, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, realizing the independent R & D and production of optical machinery and lens, and frequently creating explosive products in the intelligent micro investment and laser TV market, becoming the company with the first market share in the domestic intelligent projection industry. Nut intelligent cinema was listed in Huruns list of potential Unicorn brands in China in 2019.

For a long time, Mr. Hu Zhenyu, CEO of huole technology, has been committed to making every family have a large intelligent screen. He has subdivided a variety of categories under the projection category to meet different needs. From the portable projection P series, the beauty control happiness good things G series, to the flagship family style J series, all of them have won the favor of the market.

Nut P3 projector -- happy viewing anytime and anywhere

There are not many portable projectors on the market, but nut P3 is very eye-catching in various products. Portability means that it should be small enough, but it often needs to sacrifice many functions, such as audio. Nut engineers were very worried about this problem at first. After several improvements, they finally determined the design of the P series. The size of the thermos cup, which weighs about 1kg, is light and easy to carry, and still ensures the projection quality.

Nuts P3 are not only light but also fun. Remember the sky ceiling of the fire before? Nuts P3 can easily achieve such a romantic scene, as long as you turn the lens to the ceiling, lying in bed can enjoy the large screen.

For a long time, nut G series is the main product of huole technology. The circular design is not only the industrys first creation, but also gains the love of the majority of users. Nut G9 has become an all-round product based on previous generations. Since its launch in June 2020, it has become a new projection product.

Glass panel, bright moon color matching, integrated design, Dana sound, dual voice control, automatic quadrangular trapezoid correction These key words mean that the nut G9 is not only beautiful, but also powerful.

For many projector users, the operation and debugging of the projector is a big pain point. To watch a movie, you have to manually focus and correct the screen, and search for a favorite movie in the huge resource library. Its really too annoying. The nut G9 only presses the switch, the screen debugging is handed over to the machine to complete, calling nut nut can play the movie and adjust the volume. This experience can be called enjoyment.

Nut J9 projector - flagship is born strong

Why its powerful, because its bright enough and clear enough. Nut J9 adopts Texas Instruments 0.47 inch DMD chip, 125w ultra-high power optical machine, and also carries a new 2.0 version of RGB + B four channel LED light source technology. With profound technology support, it effectively solves the problem that the projector screen is easy to white in the daytime, and the projection products that are naturally afraid of light do not need to stay in the small black room. Nowadays, many excellent companies like huole technology are making great efforts to carry out technological innovation, deeply overcome the core technical problems, and can develop excellent products like nut projector. With such excellent projection performance and rich expansion ability, if you have the intention to purchase a home projector recently, you may as well pick a nut projector you love. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Why its powerful, because its bright enough and clear enough.