Huawei maimang 9 looks forward: on July 27, it released a 5g mobile phone that is friendly to the people

 Huawei maimang 9 looks forward: on July 27, it released a 5g mobile phone that is friendly to the people

As the Mai mang series has always been jointly launched by Huawei and China Telecom, the latest spy photos on the back of the real aircraft have the logo of China Telecom, which further confirmed that the machine is both maimang 9.

According to the information exposed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, maimang 9 will adopt a 6.8-inch full screen with a screen resolution of 2400x1080 pixels.

The front camera has 16 million pixels, and the single hole is located in the upper left corner of the screen. From the certificate photo, the hole size is still relatively small.

Looking back, maimang 8 adopts a 6.21 inch pearl screen. The screen shape and size of maimang 9 have been upgraded, which means that maimang 9 will highlight the advantages of video and entertainment.

In terms of photographing, maimang 9 has been upgraded to use 64 million pixel lens.

According to the positioning of the machine, it has parameter advantages compared with competitors at the same price.

The specific models of the other two lenses were not exposed, so I guess they should be wide-angle lens and portrait lens.

As the first 5g mobile phone of maimang series, maimang 9 can support 5g dual-mode full Netcom, that is to say, it supports SA / NSA dual-mode networking, covers multiple 5g frequency bands, and also supports the mobile communication mode of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.

In addition to the already exposed blue gradient, maimang 9 will also be available in black and green, with an overall weight of 212g.

From the spy photos exposed by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Internet, we can see that there is a small gap in the side of maimang 9. Combined with the design of no fingerprint identification on the back, it means that the machine adopts the solid side fingerprint identification.

This set of capacitive fingerprint identification scheme is also widely used in Huawei system, which is characterized by high accuracy and fast efficiency.

So far, most of the product information about maimang 9 has been exposed. According to the past, the main target users of maimang series are ordinary consumers, especially the offline market, which has good reputation and sales volume, and its pricing is relatively user-friendly.

The last is the release time. At 3:30 p.m. on July 27, the online launch of maimang 95g new product will be held. Such a cost-effective maimang 9 is worth looking forward to.

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