Suning to celebrate 30 years: upgrade to retail service provider

 Suning to celebrate 30 years: upgrade to retail service provider

In the direction of supply chain service, Suning has increased the proportion of deep customized products to 25% based on the b2s2b2c mode; meanwhile, it has adopted the open platform mode to match the upstream and downstream and implement the full link management.

In terms of logistics services, Suning will complete the layout of 20 million square meters storage infrastructure in 2025 through the Baichuan 2025 plan, and reduce the warehouse storage cost in the next three years.

In terms of financial services, Suning will provide 300 billion new loans to its partners in the next three years, provide 50 billion subsidies for financing costs for small and medium-sized and micro businesses, and 10 billion interest free profits to help quality consumption.

In terms of science and technology services, Suning will launch a three-year commission free policy for ISV (independent software developer) in five directions of store foundation, sales promotion, advertising, transaction performance and data through retail cloud strategy and Star River Cloud strategy, cultivate 100 aircraft carrier level ISVs, and build an intelligent retail enabling ecology of 100000 merchants + 100000 stores.

Gu Wei also said that the 818 will be Suning the most powerful in history.. Suning launched the J-10% plan during 618, which will continue to be promoted during the 818 period, and the range of products covered will be comprehensively expanded, and the price will be guaranteed for 60 days.

According to Sunings disclosure, there will be five important promotion nodes during the period of 818, which are July 31, global import day, August 8 purchase value day, August 10 peak day of household appliances and the core outbreak time of 818: August 17 to August 19.

In addition, this year, Suning will join hands with Oriental satellite TV again to launch the Suning 30th anniversary 818 super show live broadcast of variety show e-commerce, and many star artists such as the E9, Wang Jiaer, Guan Xiaotong and Jia Nailiang will also be on the stage to bring goods. (an orange)

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