Wechat Indian users have been unable to send messages, tiktok rivals will be launched in the United States

 Wechat Indian users have been unable to send messages, tiktok rivals will be launched in the United States

On the other side of the ocean, instagrams short video platform reels will be launched in the United States in August to counter tiktok.

On June 29, Indias Ministry of electronic information technology announced that India banned 59 Chinese applications, including tiktok and wechat, for security reasons, accusing these applications of damaging Indias sovereignty, national defense, national security and public order.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded on June 30 that the cooperation between China and India in the practical field is mutually beneficial and win-win, and this cooperation pattern is artificially damaged, which is not in line with Indias own interests.

According to Indian law, we are currently unable to provide you with wechat services, the message said. We value every user, and data security and privacy are very important to us. We are coordinating with the relevant departments and hope to restart the service in the future.

In addition to wechat, 58 mobile applications have been disabled. Users can continue to download simplified versions of banned apps after the Indian government banned them. There was a surge in downloads of easy apps.

According to statistics, from June 29 to July 14, the simple version of the short video application like was downloaded 8.68 million times. The simple version of biglive, Hago, parallelspace, and vivavideo have all seen a surge in downloads.

However, these simple versions have been removed from Apples IOS platform, and some of them can be downloaded on Android platform.

After the official suspension of wechat, the Hindustan Times quoted government officials as saying that India may also ban more Chinese mobile phone applications. It is not clear which apps will be disabled.

The 59 banned apps account for about 5% of APP downloads on apple and Android platforms in India. One of the most popular is tiktok, which has more than 200 million active users in India.

White House chief of staff mark meadows previously said US officials were studying the national security risks posed to the United States by applications such as tiktok and wechat. Although there is no time limit for the study, conclusions may be reached within a few weeks.

In the first half of this year, tiktok was the second most downloaded mobile app in the United States. Tiktok has been downloaded more than 180 million times on Apples app store and Google play in the United States. As of last year, the number of tiktok users in the United States reached 37.2 million.

Last week, the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and government affairs committee voted to ban the use of tiktok on government equipment. Next, the bill will go to a full Senate vote.

Affected by the possible ban in the United States, some of tiktoks large accounts began to close their accounts and move their content to other platforms.

Tiktoks competitors have offered various offers in an interview with Reuters, hoping to attract them to change jobs.

To encourage big names to stay at tiktok, tiktok announced last week that it would set up a $200 million fund to support original content creators in the United States.

Meanwhile, according to US media reports, companies led by equity investment firm general Atlantic and Sequoia Capital are in talks with US regulators to buy a majority stake in tiktok.

Tiktok has issued a statement and declined to comment on market rumors or speculation. Tiktok is confident of the long-term success of the platform and will announce its plans when there is a conclusion of progress, the statement said.

Instagrams short video platform reels will be launched in the United States in August. This month, reels was launched in India, after trial runs in Brazil, France and Germany.