Pinduoduo tries water wholesale business to grab Alis wechat supply market?

 Pinduoduo tries water wholesale business to grab Alis wechat supply market?

On July 27, the interface news reporter learned that pinduoduo recently launched a new business for merchants, called Duoduo wholesale. At present, the scene has not been completed, but it has been opened to businesses for application.

According to the screenshot provided by a daily chemical business on pinduoduo, a new supply management function has been added to the business page of pinduoduo recently. In the supply management end, pinduoduo has launched two new services: wholesale supply and one piece delivery.

As a new scene module, wholesale supply shows that the market is still under construction according to the latest screenshot of the page. However, the merchant revealed that pinduoduo merchants have been able to report this business to the sophomore.

A consignment business refers to that the buyer entrusts the order to the supplier for delivery, and the supplier sends the goods to different addresses according to the order requirements, and provides after-sales and other related supporting services.

At present, pinduoduos one-on-one delivery is mainly displayed on the commodity shelf of Kuai Tuan Tuan, a small program for group purchase under pinduoduo. However, this commodity shelf is only open to wechat real goods merchants.

Caiyuanbao under 1688 is an independent app mainly developed for wechat agents in 1688 micro supply business. Through this app, wechat agents can view the products and trends released by their suppliers. In other words, what caiyuanbao does is the one-on-one of pinduoduo, which is essentially to do the consignment and after-sales service for the wechat without goods.

After the wholesale business was launched, the core e-commerce system of pinduoduo and Alibaba became more and more similar: there was a user stickiness dispute between juhuasuan and 10 billion subsidies before, and the in-depth competition of c2m and industrial belt transformation.

In the business operation, after more wholesale online, the business of the business overlaps with ALI again. How to compete for B-series business will become the focus in the future.

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