Show the card, cheat the truth in marriage fraud

 Show the card, cheat the truth in marriage fraud

Kong Liang is a native of Xingtai City, Hebei Province. After graduating from high school, he came out alone to explore the world. Now he is the general manager of a company. In 1994, he was introduced to know Lu Tian, a music teacher in shi23 middle school. After a period of contact, the two soon fell in love. In October of the same year, Kong Liang and Lu Tian got married. After marriage, the two have been living happily ever after.

Lu Tian is very beautiful and graduated from Hebei Normal University. Lu Tian, who is arrogant and arrogant, has always dreamed of finding a husband who is rich, handsome and talented. Although Kong Liang is rich, he is not a university graduate. Lu Tian married Kong Liang because she has not found a better condition than Kong Liang. She is afraid that there will be no store after passing through the village. Therefore, after some comparison, Lu Tian thinks that he is not so good-looking Its better to marry Kong Liang.

When Kongliang saw Lu Tian at the first sight, he fell in love with this beautiful and proud girl. Lu Tians various conditions met Kong Liangs requirements. He was tall, had a high education and good quality. After he married Lu Tian, Kong Liang took good care of Lu Tian. In addition to not allowing her to continue working, he also hired a nanny and chef to take charge of all kinds of housework for her, so that Lu Tian could live a life of clothes and food. But there was always a worry in Kong Liangs heart that Lu Tian would leave him if he met a better person.

At the end of 1995, Lu Tian gave birth to a boy. Kong Liang was very happy to name his son Kong le. According to local regulations, women should put a contraceptive ring after giving birth to a child. When Lu Tian heard that it might lead to many adverse reactions, Lu Tian resolutely refused to do so. Through the relationship, Kong Liang asked Lu Tian not to release IUDs, but the hospital staff told Kong Liang that it was better for one husband and wife to have birth control surgery, which was conducive to family planning. After consulting the doctor, Kong Liang learned that male ligation was more reliable and less painful than female, and the operation was simple. Kong Liang decided to perform ligation on his own for the purpose of loving his wife.

After finishing the operation, Kong Liang planned to tell Lu Tian again after a while. Later, he thought it better not to tell Lu Tian because he had already had an operation. If Lu Tian was unfaithful, he would be found out by himself once he was pregnant. On the contrary, he could better understand whether Lu Tian was committed to himself.

When Kong le was three years old in 1998, Kong Liang found the best kindergarten for his son. Lu Tian felt empty because he didnt have to spend all day with his son. When he went out for a beauty salon, Lu Tian learned that if he had money to invest in high-end equipment and knew how to operate and manage, it would be no problem to make a fortune. After returning home, Lu Tian told Kong Liang that she was going to open a beauty salon. Kong Liang asked: what is the beauty salon for? You dont have to worry about food or clothing. Besides, I dont need you to go out and earn money. Lu Tian disagreed: I dont want to earn much money. I want to find something to do. I dont want to be a housewife when Im young. I should also show my value in society. After listening to Lu Tians words, Kong Liang stopped talking. He looked down for a moment and said, OK, but I have a word in advance. Since you want to start your own business, I cant give you too much investment at the beginning, but I can only give you enough expenses to open a shop. As for whether you have a big development in the future, it depends on your ability. Kong Liang was not mean. He couldnt bear to refuse Lu Tian, and he didnt want her to be too tired. So he decided to give Lu Tian some money and let her toss about it. When she knew the difficulty of starting a business, he offered not to do it.

Lu Tian is very confident: this money is my loan to you, in less than a year, I will even pay you back with interest. In March 1999, Lu Tian opened a beauty salon called beauty in a prosperous place with 100000 yuan from Kong Liang.

Wifes red apricot leaves the wall

When buying cosmetics and various equipment for the beauty salon, Lu Tian got to know Lu Qingfei, a businessman who deals in all kinds of cosmetics and beauty equipment. Lu Qingfei can see that Lu Tian is a new man. He doesnt know anything, so he kills her severely. Lu Tian is a man who doesnt have many tricks. He makes a lot of money by Lu Qingfei, and treats him as a good man. When he meets anything he doesnt understand, he has to ask Lu Qingfei to understand. Lu Qingfei secretly laughs at Lu Tian. However, as time goes by, Lu Qingfei feels that it is more and more rare for such simple women as Lu Tian, and unconsciously he has a good impression on Lu Tian.

As soon as Lu Qingfei saw Lu Qingfei, Lu Tian said, boss Lu, my beauty salon is still in the dark. You are well-informed. Give me an idea! Its also a good thing for you that my beauty salon is getting better, because Ill keep buying from you, and you have money to earn. Lu Qingfei said with a smile, of course I understand this truth. With all due respect, Miss Lu, your beauty salon is not without advantages. Its just that you havent found it. I suggest that you first apply for chain operation with a well-known beauty agency in China, and then advertise in the media. I believe that these two measures will certainly make your beauty salon customers Lu Tian was overjoyed. In order to express her gratitude, Lu Qingfei was warmly invited to dinner. LV Qingfei readily agreed.

With the help of Lu Qingfei, Lu Tians beauty salon soon opened up. Lu Qingtian is very happy with all the goods he needs. The two gradually became friends.

LV Qingfei graduated from a famous university. He was handsome and never remarried after his wife divorced him. Lu Tian began to compare Lu Qingfei with Kong Liang in his heart. Compared to Lu Tian, Lu Qingfei felt that LV Qingfei was a higher grade than Kong Liang, and LV Qingfei was more worthy of his beauty and identity. Lu Qingfei also saw Lu Tians intention. To be honest, he also felt that Lu Tians people were very good, beautiful and capable. It was a blessing to have such a confidant. Moreover, Lu Tian would not covet his own money because of his money. Since he had no loss at all, why not do it? In August 1999, after half a years acquaintance, Lu Tian and Lu Qingfei finally broke through the final boundary and had a relationship.

When Kong Liang and Lu Tian discuss what to do next, Lu Tian unexpectedly finds himself pregnant. Lu Tian secretly calculated that if nothing went wrong, the child should be Lu Qingfei. She didnt know that Kong Liang had been ligated. She thought that she might as well treat Kong Liang as his child and comfort him. Kong Liang wanted to go to the hospital to consult whether he could restore fertility, but he heard the news that Lu Tian was pregnant.

Both sides are cheating on each other

Kong Liang suspected that he had heard something wrong and asked again, what do you mean? Youre pregnant. When? Lu Tian said, it seems that it has been two months. I may forget to take medicine this month. Its just right now, Kong Liang. Would you like to get a birth permit and come back sometime Kong Liang conceals the truth of his ligation. In order not to let Lu Tian have doubts, he always lets Lu Tian take contraceptives. Hearing the news that Lu Tian said he was pregnant, Kong Liang felt his head bang and almost fell to the ground. Unexpectedly, his son was hit by his wifes infidelity as soon as his son died. Kong Liang almost went mad.

Lu Tian told LV Qingfei everything, and LV Qingfei said happily, great, you must give birth to the child, and let Kong Liang be raised as his own child. Then it would be better for our children to inherit all Kong Liangs property. Later, you and Kong Liang divorce, the child belongs to him, and then we get married and have another child. Kong Liang doesnt know that he raised someone elses child. We not only have two children, but also all the undertakings that Kong Liang has worked hard to create are ours. Lu Tian was overjoyed and said, I havent thought of this yet. You think much longer than me. Its just that its unfair to Kong Liang. If he knows about it, will he kill us? Lu Qingfei said with a smile: he will have words of suffering. Dont say he killed us. Im afraid he wont take the initiative to tell the truth when he knows the truth. He has to break his teeth and swallow it in his stomach. He doesnt want to be laughed at

Through investigation and secret investigation, Kong Liang had the evidence of Lu Tians contact with Lu Qingfei. For this reason, Kong Liang bought a professional camera that can zoom ten times, and secretly took many photos of Lu Tian and Lu Qingfei. Kong liang thought that Lu Tian and Lu Qingfei would have a bigger conspiracy, so he did not intend to expose them for a while. Since Lu Tian is unfaithful, dont blame Kong Liang for his unfaithfulness. It didnt take him long to find a lover.

Kong Liangs lover, he Rong, is an employee of his company. Soon Lu Tian found out about Kong Liang and told LV Qingfei. LV Qingfei thought for a moment and said, this is a good opportunity. Our next step is to bribe he Rong and let her admit that she is a third party. In this way, we will have the upper hand in the divorce lawsuit. The judge will award you more property because you can claim compensation as a victim. Lu Tian agreed without hesitation.

In the end, the court will find out

In August 2000, Lu Tian gave birth to a boy. Lu Tian named the child Kong pin. Kong Liang didnt object. He knew that the child was not his own, and it didnt matter what his name was. However, on the surface, Kong Liang was still treating Lu Tian as before. Kong Liang wanted to wait for Lu Tian to show his cards to him.

Lu Tian threw the photo to Kong Liang and said, tell me, whats going on here? Kongliang saw that Lu Tian had already known about him and he Rong, but he had a good chance of winning, and he would not be afraid of a few photos of Lu Tian, because Lu Tian came out before him. Kong Liang still pretended to say: men, its normal to have one or two lovers, not to mention an excellent man like me. What do you mean by these pictures? What do you want? Lu Tian sneered and said, what do you want? Kong Liang, I tell you, Ive had enough of you for a long time. I want to divorce you. You say that you love me, but behind my back and he Rong fool around, what else do you have to say. As a victim, I should be compensated on property. Do you think we should go to court or make an agreement by ourselves? Kong Liang finally understood Lu Tians plan. He said calmly, well, its easy to discuss the property. So who is the son? Lu Tian opened his mouth and said, your son belongs to you. Of course, you have to raise him.

Lu Tian went to LV Qingfei to discuss with him what to do. Lu Qingfei felt that things could not be too big. This was not a good ending, so he suggested that Lu Tian give in first, and then make a private deal with Kong Liang. Unexpectedly, he Rong called at this time and said that she agreed to testify in court, but with an additional 100000 yuan, LV Qingfei immediately asked Lu Tian to agree to he Rongs request. However, he Rong proposed to sign an agreement first. She said that she was also for the purpose of protecting her own rights and interests. Lu Tian agreed.

After signing the agreement with he Rong, Lu Tian found Kong Liang again and said, I dont want to take you to court. Why cant you step back? Kong Liang said, dont talk nonsense. If you want to take a lawsuit, you can sue. Ill be with you at any time. Lu Tian threw down a sentence: then dont blame me for being rude. Then turn around and leave.

In August, the court heard Lu Tians lawsuit against Kong Liang. When Kong Liang arrived at the court, he first took out the intimate photos of Lu Tian and LV Qingfei. Lu Tian was caught off guard. When he Rong appeared in court to testify, he took out the agreement signed by Lu Tian and her, suddenly in an uproar. Then Kong Liang put forward more powerful evidence: the hospital issued a certificate that he had been sterilized at the end of 1995. As soon as Lu Tian saw it, he fainted in court.

A few days later, Kong Liang and he Rong held a grand wedding. He Rong called Lu Tian to participate and said to her, in fact, Kong Liang has discovered about you and LV Qingfei for a long time. When Kong Liang had your evidence, you were pregnant with LV Qingfeis child. Kong Liang came up with such a plan. You are so stupid that you were cheated. When I later called to agree to testify in court, I told Kong Liang everything, because I think Kong Liang is better than you. It was Kong Liang who asked me to sign an agreement with you. He found that I was sincere to him, so he decided to marry me. Sorry, for my own happiness, I have to sacrifice your happiness, but to tell you the truth, you are not a good woman

Lu Tian is not mad at all. She has only one way to go now: find LV Qingfei. However, LV Qingfei is no longer there. Calling his mobile phone, Lu Qingfei said to Lu Tian, I have now transferred all my business to the South and will not go back. But you can rest assured that I will pay the child support monthly.

Lu Tian repented. But can you blame others? Cleverness is mistaken by cleverness.