Senior Japanese official: Tokyo Olympics will be held as scheduled even if there is no audience

 Senior Japanese official: Tokyo Olympics will be held as scheduled even if there is no audience

The Olympic Games should definitely be held, even if there are no spectators, the Japanese current affairs news agency reported Shinzo Abe is the president of the LDP.

Another senior government official was quoted as saying: it is impossible to host the Olympic Games with the complete elimination of the new epidemic. Our goal is to host the Olympic Games under the epidemic situation.

The official also said that the number of athletes participating in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games should be greatly reduced, one person per delegation.

However, there are also some people in Japanese political circles who advocate canceling the Olympic Games. A senior LDP official said: the Olympic Games cant be held.

According to current affairs news agency, if the Olympic Games are cancelled, Abes government will suffer a huge blow. As Japans longest serving prime minister, Abe has always wanted to see the Olympic Games as one of his major contributions during his term of office.

Abe publicly said last week that he hoped that next years Tokyo Olympic Games would become a symbol of Japans resurgence on the world stage, just like the 1964 Olympic Games, which are regarded as a sign of Japans post-war economic rise.

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government just held a ceremony on the 23rd to welcome the first anniversary of the countdown to the Olympic Games. However, the recent domestic epidemic situation in Japan is very severe, with confirmed cases reaching a record high. On the 26th, 825 new confirmed cases were found in Japan and 239 cases were newly confirmed in Tokyo, with more than 200 cases added in a single day for six consecutive days.

The return of Japans major football league and baseball league at the end of June is regarded as a sign that the Japanese sports market has returned to normal. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee also regards this as a positive signal. But last weekend, two players from Nagoya whale eight of Japans first Division Football League were confirmed and their match with Hiroshima three arrows was cancelled.

The two most important professional leagues in Japan have been allowed in since mid July, with a limit of 5000 players per game. According to the original plan, if all goes well, the number of spectators per game will be increased to half of the stadium capacity from August, but this plan has been put on hold in view of the current epidemic situation.

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