Barcelona President: Real Madrids pressure on the football association? Thats a big problem

 Barcelona President: Real Madrids pressure on the football association? Thats a big problem

The overall level of VaR does not match the level of La Liga. La Liga is the best league in the world and the VaR should reach the same level Bartomeu said, the problem with VaR is how it is used. In similar or identical situations, VAR makes different decisions in different competitions. Its against the interests of the team

La Liga President Sebastian tebas has said that Real Madrid president Florentino has called Spanish Football Association President Luis Suarez after the second round and put pressure on referees. Batomeu said: I dont know if it exists, I hope not. If its true, then theres something wrong with our football world. Ive never called rupiah u00e1 rez, we only have formal complaints

Is Barcelona a Champions League favourite? Batomeu replied: of course, Barcelona are the favourites in any competition. We see the competitive spirit of the players and they can show the talent and initiative of the team again in the Champions League. Weve been self-criticism these days, and weve regained our energy.

Batomeu talked about the manager: setians position has never been shaken. He just needs to communicate with the players and they did. Harvey? We have a good relationship, but setian has a contract next season and I believe he and his coaching team. I believe he can win the Champions League and he can lead the team forward next season

Barcelona have signed a large number of parallel goods in recent years, but batomeu said he did not regret: if I choose them again, I will sign them. Demberley was just unlucky. He had an injury. Hes very young and talented, and when hes not injured, hes bound to explode. There is no doubt about the ability of curtinho, who is the leader of Brazil and Liverpool, but he just didnt adapt to Barcelona. They are all the players the coach asked for and no one doubts them

Will Messi renew his contract? Batomeu replied: Messi has said many times that he wants to retire from Barcelona. I have never had any doubts about his renewal. I have a good relationship with him, I have a good relationship with the captains

However, Messi is not bartomeus first priority: at present, telstengens contract renewal is the priority, which is due to his ability, but also his personality and personality. He is the pillar of the future and he is still young as a goalkeeper. Hes only 28 years old, but hes one of the top three in the world

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The sixth coach of Mallorca will coach the West or Cheng Wulei to study abroad before August, but there is still no offer. Kuijiao western media: just wait for Musa to chase him, Barcelona B team is not promoted by penalty kick black! Batomeu grandstand is photographed by sleeping. Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin, editor in charge: Li Xiaotian_ NS6473