275! India intends to ban Chinas APP millet and Kwais middle guns again.

 275! India intends to ban Chinas APP millet and Kwais middle guns again.

A senior government official told the economic times that the Indian government has drawn up a list of 275 Chinese apps that will be checked for any violations of Indian national security and user privacy. The official said the Indian governments scrutiny would become more stringent and could ban more Chinese Internet companies from doing business in India.

Chinese companies are under pressure again

This is a new round of groundless crackdown by the Indian government against Chinese companies following a high-profile ban on 59 Chinese apps, including the short video app tiktok, last month.

After the economic times reporter, he learned that the list included Tencent game Jedi Survival International Edition (PubG), byte beating in March of this year, independent music streaming media application Resso, fast SnackVideo, millet short video application Zili and Alibaba groups all speed Kwai Tong.

The government may ban all or part of the list, the Economic Times quoted people familiar with the situation as saying

A spokesman for Indias interior ministry has not responded to the economic times Inquiry on the matter. But government sources pointed out that the Indian government is raising funds to review more Chinese applications. Some of these apps have been marked red for security reasons, while others have been listed separately for violating data sharing and privacy rules, an official explained

As of press release, the economic times has not yet received any response from Tencent, Kwai, millet, byte beating and Alibaba.

Ongoing review

India, a market with 450 million smartphone users, has become a battleground for Internet companies.

According to industry estimates, Chinese Internet companies have about 300 million users in India, and nearly two-thirds of smartphone users in India Download Chinese apps.

Among the Chinese apps currently under review, there are 14 related apps developed by Xiaomi, while apps from metu, todays headlines, lbetech, perfectcorp, Sina, Netease games and yoozoglobal are also on the list.

Another senior government official told the economic times that government departments were trying to develop laws or some form of regulation to facilitate continuous review of applications running in India. It may take some time to establish a set of rules or procedures, but its the right process to deal with in the future, the person said

At the same time, officials from Indias Ministry of electronics and information technology stressed that the government would follow due process before any ban was imposed.