Micro business to invest millions of research and development of counterfeit cosmetics: 1 yuan fake perfume sold for 200 yuan

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 Micro business to invest millions of research and development of counterfeit cosmetics: 1 yuan fake perfume sold for 200 yuan

Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Liu Weiwei and Zhu Guoliang

Who can think of the extravagant luxury brands that are bought from the sea, who can think of the underground workshops that are produced from the home of the world; it can be thought that these are fake, and who can think of the 200 yuan brand perfume, and who can think that the cost of filling is less than 1 yuan. False material.

Even overseas direct mail is not always guaranteed to be genuine. Recently, police in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province cracked a case of fake and shoddy cosmetics, tearing open the tip of the iceberg where micro-merchants buy cosmetics on their behalf. The Xinhua viewpoint reporter conducted a deep investigation.

A few forgery can be true

After a weeks use of Estee Lauders Estee Lauder small brown bottle eye cream from the United States, Xu Fang, a 36 year old citizen of Nanjing, was unable to believe that he had bought a fake. Product code, special water list, customs clearance certificate is as many as the same, the packaging is also decent, so how did it go?

Xu Fangs confusion is also the confusion of many consumers who buy cosmetics at present. Suzhou police recently detected a large production and sale of counterfeit brand cosmetics by the Ministry of public security, and seized more than 8 million counterfeit Dior, MAC, Fresh and other cosmetics. The amount involved in the case was more than 1000 million yuan. It also opened the way for Xu Fang to buy cosmetics for the counterfeit.

In Suzhou police seized the warehouse, the reporter saw these fake big name cosmetics. The police opened a Dior fake perfume suit, including the lining, the LOGO, the ribbon and so on. The packing is very delicate. It is difficult to believe that this is a fake and inferior commodity. Reporters randomly take out a MAC false lipstick compared with the original, test color, whether it is the appearance size, LOGO, or the use of color, moisture, and so on, almost can not see the difference.

This is the fake cosmetics seized by the Industrial Park Branch of Suzhou Public Security Bureau. Xinhua News Agency (Suzhou public security map)

These cosmetics are highly emulation, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify, and many of them are exploding money . Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Industrial Park Branch police Xie Yuanlong said. Reporter read the case of the main suspect Lus transaction record, only known as Wei Wei small demon purchase wholesale of customer turnover has reached more than 7500 times, and WeChat records show that there are hundreds of clients who have business contacts with Lu.

Buying goods from overseas, especially cosmetics, is favored by many women, who believe that the price is relatively cheap and the quality is guaranteed. However, they do not know that some lawless elements use the micro business to purchase and supervise the blank selling and selling of fake products, and seek huge profits.

A Five Diamond seller also told reporters that she sold unauthorized cosmetics in the name of one hand for the sale of unauthorized cosmetics. When business was red, the goods were shipped every day, customers all over the country, especially in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing and other customers.

And the seller encouraged reporters: to a bottle of 5 milliliters of fake Dior perfume for example, price about 6 yuan, after the combination of packaging to the next family can offer a price of 50 yuan, in the name of purchase to ordinary consumers to sell to the highest price of 200 yuan.

Invest millions of R & D to forge and sell fake products to form an industrial chain

Not hesitate to invest heavy money to buy research and development packaging, and then shipped overseas to buy back through the purchase, the reporter found that the micro merchants black purchase and the sale of fake and inferior brands of cosmetics has already formed a black industrial chain. Suzhou police cracked the case very typical.

The first step is filling. In order to cover the eyes, the counterfeiters often choose some small nest points that are located in the suburb of the city in secret processing, filling and dispensing with perfume, essence and other raw materials. For example, the counterfeit perfume materials found by Suzhou police in the anti-counterfeiting scene are packed in plastic buckets commonly used in the chemical industry, without any brand and logo information.

According to the suspect Lu Mou account, these bulk perfume purchased from Guangdong and other places, 5 liters per barrel, the price is about 1000 yuan. I do not know which ingredients should be blended. The reporter roughly calculated an account, according to the cost of raw materials per 5 liters of 1000 yuan, blending a bottle of 5 ml of fake Dior perfume cost only 1 yuan.

This is the fake cosmetics packaging material seized by the Industrial Park Branch of Suzhou Public Security Bureau. Xinhua News Agency (Suzhou public security map)

The second step is packing. This is a key link, so counterfeiters do not hesitate to pay heavily to imitate. The suspect, Lu Mou, explained that in order to achieve the purpose of false and disorderly, they buy authentic products for research and development, have invested more than 1.1 million yuan.

Many grass-roots law enforcement officials told reporters that those seemingly exquisite fake cosmetics packaging, mostly from small printing plants without qualifications. The counterfeit person will send the genuine package to the upper house, and the family will copy it according to the genuine packaging, printing, bronzing and film covering. The process is very complicated, and some even have to sample 3 to 5 times.

The third step is the jet code. The famous brand cosmetics sold in China usually produce batch in the bottle body, and play the function of product tracing and anti-counterfeiting. Many consumers will also be anti-counterfeiting spray code as an important basis for identifying genuine and counterfeit goods, but do not know that the outlaws can also forge in this regard.

According to some of the suspects who have been seized and sold for counterfeit cosmetics, they will know through some covert ways, from some brand cosmetics insiders, to know what is the number of cosmetic jets sold on the market for a certain period of time, and then spray the spray code that is updated synchronously with the product.

The fourth step is to buy small tickets for counterfeiting. Since purchasing overseas, there must be a small purchase abroad. In the cosmetics counterfeiting chain, purchasing small ticket fraud is also a mature industry. The reporter learned that in the network, Hongkong, South Korea, Europe and other popular tickets for the purchase of small tickets, the product code on small tickets can also match the counterfeit labels.

The fifth step is the overseas gold plating. A considerable number of counterfeit cosmetics will be shipped abroad, and then sent back through consignment or sea shopping in order to obtain overseas shipping documents and entry certificates. Xie Yuanlong told reporters that, because of the low price of counterfeit products themselves, even if the postage is counted, the interest is still considerable, so the overseas direct mail can not guarantee that it is a genuine product.

This is the fake cosmetics seized by the Industrial Park Branch of Suzhou Public Security Bureau. Xinhua News Agency (Suzhou public security map)

Buying fake fakes from purchasing agents can only be self confessed. MS Zheng, who works in Suzhou, is a micro purchaser who has a certain mentality. If we insist on returning the goods, she said, it is necessary to issue a test report that has a quality problem or a fake for a commodity, to get a pile of trouble for hundreds of dollars and to think about it.

Chinas draft electronic commerce law is still under consideration. Zhao Zhanling, a researcher at the intellectual property research center of China University of Political Science and Law, said that the inclusion of micro business into the standard scope of e-commerce law is beneficial to curb the sale of fake goods by personal sellers through social channels and platforms such as friends circle, which is conducive to tracing the problem of goods and punishing wrongful behavior.

Wang Jianwen said that as a new thing, there is a great difference between the purchase of the micro business and the previous mode of operation. There are many disputes in the legislation. It is difficult to find a good supervision method in a short time. It is really necessary to standardize it gradually in the development and listen to more people in the legislation. For counterfeiting and selling of black procurement to be severely cracked down, the relevant regulatory departments and platform operators should also take the initiative.