68 million people watch Jay Chou live, which is the top traffic in China

 68 million people watch Jay Chou live, which is the top traffic in China

How far is the live broadcast? Qingdao roadside takeaway brothers gathered to Watch Jay Chou Live News, and directly on the hot search.

The live broadcast started in the form of magic. In front of so many people, Jay Chou, who performed magic live, said frankly: magic is more pressure than opening a concert. However, after the magic show, many netizens exclaimed, Dong Zhou is simply a magician delayed by singing..

There is a kind of star who never seems to have crazy marketing and even looks like a hermit in a low-key way. However, there are always stories about him in the world. Jay Chou is such a person. Until the launch of INS in 2017, Jay Chou did not even have a public social account.

People who know Jay Chou know that in addition to playing basketball, he also loves collecting all kinds of sneakers. Even a lot of limited edition shoes have to be the first person to eat crab. Many styles of sneakers are not only the first in Asia, but also the first star in the world. It is a proper sneakerhead.

Its not cool enough to shoot shoes alone. Its cool to set up a sports car as the background.

Although Jay Chou, who loves drinking milk tea and collecting sneakers, sends new songs at a relatively low frequency in the past two years, as long as the new songs are sent out, it will be a national Carnival hit song. The new single mojito, which was not easy to wait for a while ago, can anyone sing two whole lines now? Even with their own efforts, the bars order rate has been raised.

He has a strong influence in his professional field and fashion life field, and Jay Chou is definitely the top traffic today.

Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921