Zhou Qi breaks up with Yu Xing: how difficult is it to have an undiscovered love?

 Zhou Qi breaks up with Yu Xing: how difficult is it to have an undiscovered love?


The melon eating crowd was waiting for the result of proof, but they didnt know that they were waiting for the partys announcement to break up. There is a kind of, copy stick tasteu2014u2014

I am still very grateful for those days of company with each other, and fortunately at the end of the harvest of a sincere friend.

You will continue to shine in the future.

To Yu Xing

Accompany each other through a short period of dazzling youth, and finally because they can no longer often accompany each other solemnly marked the end.

The future days will continue to be sincere, friends who can encourage each other, good luck.


Please pay attention to the publication time of both of them, which is 22:32, July 26. Of course, it is the result of negotiation. Otherwise, there would be so many coincidences. Some netizens continue to open their brain holes: have they been photographed, discovered, and covered up by fake breakups? And then, its just going to go underground? I almost didnt laugh to death. Do you think this is a suspense love play? But I have to tell you: whether actors (artists) or ordinary people, its hard to have an undiscovered love. So, be prepared.


Some people also ask, why do you want to have an undiscovered love?

First of all: some love is just beginning, it needs extreme protection. Just like a new seedling, it cant stand the sun, rain, wind and frost. The protection of love is to strive for more time to understand each other and to determine their own ideas. So, this is not the time to be discovered. It has been found that too many objective factors will bring many obstacles to the budding love. As the saying goes, more is better than less.

Second: some people think that love is a matter for both sides. Once discovered by others, there may be too many factors involved. Love, may become no longer pure. This is a person who has spiritual purity in love. She (he) has such an axis. Anyway, when its time to make it public, it will be. He has his own rhythm, has his own plan, does not want others to break his plan.

Finally: This is the protection of the other party, so as to save others from pointing fingers. I have nothing to do with myself. It doesnt matter. What bloodbath all rushes to me, only is does not injure the most loves that person. You see, LAN forgetting Jis way to protect Wei Wuxian is to take him back to the cloud and hide him. But in real life, what can be hidden? So try not to be found out. Thats the only way.

In little joy, Wen Jie forbids Fang Yifan to fall in love. Ask him to focus on his studies. In reality, Zhou Qi was also admitted to Beijing Film Academy.

Its a pity that this love affair that broke up just after it was discovered. Its the last consolation to be able to gain a friend who encourages each other