Remarriage Apocalypse: after solving these emotional crisis, do you think I still have a chance?

 Remarriage Apocalypse: after solving these emotional crisis, do you think I still have a chance?


Zhong Xiaoyang asked Zhong Xiaoqin, really, I am very curious. Why are you divorced? Happy families are similar, unhappy families have their own unhappiness. Well, Tolstoy has made it clear. Every family has a difficult book to read, 80% of the families have gone through a lifetime of ordinary light; and 20% may be able to withstand the wind and rain outside. Then, the relationship between husband and wife will be more integrated and closer. Who knows? Zhong Xiaoqin summed up his own reasons for divorce, but also very pertinent. After solving these emotional crises, remarriage is just around the corneru2014u2014

1. Personality incompatibility

Second, there is no common interest

Common interests, this is more difficult to find. First, men and women are different. Men are interested in things, women may not catch a cold. Womens favorite things, men seem to feel childish unreasonable. All right, all right. But there is a principle here, which is to seek common ground while reserving differences. If you dont have a common interest, you should find the interest of intersection and edge that can be connected with relationship. Interest can also be cultivated. What can we learn more about it? Besides, Im happy to do anything with my lover. Do you think so?

Three have nothing to say

Some couples are too tired to talk. Maybe, when I work outside, I have to talk about it endlessly. I need to protect my throat when I go home. If you dont have the energy to say more, its good to understand. Some husband and wife, that is the fighting spirit has nothing to say. Its not right. Id rather have a fight. Dont be cold and violent. It will only make things worse. Some couples are introverted and not good at expressing themselves. That how to do, always cant affectionate you look at me, I look at you. Communication needs communication.

Live in the expectation of others

Well, at the age of 30, you should understand that you are not who you are, you are yourself. You are unique in the world, no one can replace you. Live in the expectation of others, you will be very hard. Its more likely that the gains outweigh the losses. You dont have to. You follow your own plan and have your own pace of life. Whatever happens, you have to have your own principles and your own bottom line. Others cant shake you or dominate you. You, live as you like!

Zhong Xiaoqin said that I dare not take a step and go to the wrong place today. Whats wrong? Corrected, still good boy.

Just like marriage, it solves these emotional crises. I think you still have a chance. Will Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu remarry?