Just 30: Wang mani is a good girl. Why does she provoke a scum man?

 Just 30: Wang mani is a good girl. Why does she provoke a scum man?


Wang mani is a delicate and poor girl in just thirty. But its not a big mistake, is it? No, take a scum man - no, no, its still a oil king to greet her. How hard is it to work alone when you come to Shanghai from a small place? But Wang mani carried down, even if forced to move around, will not eliminate her ambition to continue to struggle here. Even in the high luxury store, being oppressed by the boss is like swallowing. She cant be angry with her work or with money. She, she has to endure.


On the cruise, I met such a master. Tut Tut, I despise conceited men very much. Liang Zhengxian, he thinks he is rich and charming. Its like walking hormone, and the look and posture seem to convey the fatal message: come on, play one night stand with me. Yes, Wang Manni refused such a kind invitation. But in her heart, not without waves. No, no, its not just waves, its ripples. Its just a huge wave, so emotional Liang Zhengxian can see: the woman, there is drama.


In fact, Wang mani had already lost when she met Liang Zhengxian. And, youre going to lose. Youre a good girl, hes a scum - you cant win all these contests. Whats the premise for a slag man to provoke a woman? Not necessarily if silly white sweet, must be hate to marry the lack of love of women. Whats more, it is the object that can seduce the first hand. No doubt, Wang mani is the best prey. You dont want money? Better, Ill save. You just want love? Better, more affectionate. Thats what Im good at. As for marriage? Ill tell you, Im not married.


Wang mani is not greedy for Liang Zhengxians money. This is the first and last thought. She refused the credit card, but accepted the car. reason? This is her walking tool. Liang Zhengxian can take it back whenever she wants. Women always think, so that men will not misunderstand themselves. And, dont worry about communicating with yourself. Wrong, wrong again. Your understanding is the best reason for a man to advance. Slag man is to take advantage of your advantages, directly let you carry forward. It was the best way for him to cover himself.


Until, Liang Zhengxians girlfriend appeared. Only then did Wang mani know that love is not a fairy tale at all. The man who thought he was waiting for was actually hopeless. Is Wang mani not smart enough? Isnt wang mani not principled enough? But in front of slag man, your shrewdness is insignificant; your principles are directly discarded by his love offensive. Think of Wang mani leave all want to go to have sex, that all the way after running, but also throw oneself in the arms. After that, I dont know what Wang Manni would think? When its a nightmare? What about the wrong love?


No matter what kind of women, it seems that they are doomed to meet a scum man. Please, dregs, please be kind and be a person!