How does a Harvard graduate fitness coach, a entrepreneurial mother, do it

 How does a Harvard graduate fitness coach, a entrepreneurial mother, do it

Yu Yans sister now recalled the past six months, but also feel incredible, like a dream.

During the epidemic period, in addition to the science and technology sector alone, most of the traditional industries suffered heavy losses.

Among them, the most dangerous is the clothing industry.

In recent months, news of the collapse of well-known clothing brands has been continuously spread.

This month, even Brooks brother, a century old shop that sewed suits for Lincoln and Roosevelt, declared bankruptcy.

However, the shares of lululemon, a Canadian Yoga brand, are still strong. They are two and a half times higher than the lowest in March, which is definitely an outlier in the clothing industry.

Not only does the stock hold, lululemon has the spare money to buy and expand.

Lululemon just bought the Internet fitness company mirror for $500 million.

Brynn jinnett Putnam, 37, founder of mirror, will soon be on the list of new billionaires in major magazines.

Born in 1983, brin is the mother of a 3-year-old child

By the time it was acquired by lululemon, the company was only four years old.

What does mirror do?

In short, it is to make a high-tech mirror, so that everyone can follow the Coach Fitness in front of the mirror.

Its more immersive than following the iPad, and the mirror also shows a variety of interactive indicators.

The mirror is 22 inches wide, 52 inches high and 1.4 inches deep. It looks like an ordinary mirror. When you open it, you will find that it is a screen

Even if the gym reopens, people will be cautious about high-risk enclosed space, so Internet fitness has become a hot area of venture capital.

Brin, with a good family background, a good education background and a good marriage

Brin was born into a wealthy family on the upper east side of Manhattan.

Her father is a lawyer at Microsoft and her mother is a vice president of a nonprofit organization.

By the way, what this nonprofit does is funu2014u2014

Tracking asteroids that are likely to enter earths orbit.

Like most children from wealthy families, brin was well-educated from an early age.

Brin studied dancing at the age of 3, ballet at the age of 7, and joined the New York City Ballet as a professional dancer at the age of 16.

Because his father worried that brin had no other skills besides dancing, Brin, who graduated from high school, entered Harvard Universitys Russian literature department.

Yu Yan said that the literature and art courses in famous schools are for the rich second generation.

But people may not want to work at all.

She first toured with the ballet, then worked as a coach in various gyms.

If it was a Chinese family, and her Harvard graduate daughter became a gym coach, her parents would certainly urge her to find a decent job.

But there is no such problem in brins family.

In 2010, 26 year old Brin, after saving $15000, rented a 50 square meter space from the church and opened his own fitness studio.

Its just a temporary space, and its going to be used as a dining room for the church on weekends.

Because of the high rent in New York, brin could only afford the temporary space in the church at first

It has to be said that Harvard graduate fitness coaches do have great skills.

Her husband came from a blue blood family in Boston.

The mans great grandfather already owned an investment company, and his own financial technology company was acquired, and he had a lot of money.

With the help of her husband, brin worked with MIT to create a wall mounted fitness machine with pulleys that can be used in small spaces.

In the next five years, brin developed three fixed locations, which was named the best work out in New York.

She still remembers that the day she moved, it was a typhoon, a blackout in New York City, and Brin needed to remove all the equipment in her studio before midnight.

Brins fitness studio is called refine

In 2016, brins early pregnancy reaction was so severe that she could no longer teach fitness classes, so she began to think about a model that could be operated at home.

The mirror in the studio inspired brinu2014u2014

I realized that a lot of the technologies Ive been thinking about can be put in the mirror.

She built a rough model in her kitchen with a tablet computer, a piece of glass and a raspberry pie DIY computer.

The original prototype was very bulky. Brin wrapped the prototype in a blanket and towed it to the studio in a pickup truck.

She requires mirrors less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick, frameless, with a proper balance between transmission and reflection.

The mirror hanging on the wall has a special sense of fashion. When it is closed, it is a beautiful dressing mirror.

As brins family was well-off, these investors did not attack her, but politely refusedu2014u2014

Its good that you can get to this point, but do you want us to help you find a partner?

Brins early investors thought it was a wonderful design:

How could no one have thought of putting the screen in the mirror as a training platform? Now it seems so obvious.

Until the day of brins sons birth, brin finally raised the seed round investment.

In the next four years, she raised four rounds and got $74.8 million.

In 2018, brin launched the first finished mirror fitness machine.

Brin gave a mirror to his cousin at Christmas. Adults and children around the mirror screamed excitedly.

At that time, brin knew that this product was successful.

The mirror costs $1495, plus a monthly course fee of $39.

The so-called mirror is actually an LCD screen in which users can see the coach interact with themselves.

According to the real-time data feedback of the mirror, the coach can create an immersive exercise atmosphere for users through 1-to-1 guidance.

Along with the mirror, brin launched more than 50 online courses, includingu2014u2014

Aerobics, strength, yoga, Pilates, all fit in this way.

Brin next plans to use mirrors for physical therapy and even telemedicine.

Brin had no partners, but she divided the shares among eight early employees

On the other hand, users feedback on the mirror is also very good.

Most users believe that the use of the mirror fitness platform to improve their exercise frequency.

People generally like to see the coach and himself in the mirror while exercising.

The data shows that the number of exercises users take increases from 10 times a month to 15 times a month after using the mirror

Why brin?

For now, the mirror with 100 employees has been acquired by lululemon to operate as an independent department, and Brin continues to be CEO.

In particular, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the sales of mirrors have increased by more than twice, and tens of thousands of customers have been accumulated.

App downloads soared at a rate of 1000% per month, with a staggering 3000% in the highest month.

In 2019, mirror revenue is $45 million.

The mirror is expected to bring in more than $100 million in revenue this year, and break even or even make a profit next year.

As the sole founder, brin is worth at least $80 million.

And its just the beginning.

Brins plan is to make the mirror a singularity like Apples.

Now, brins son is 3 years old. The husband and wife have their own businesses. A family of three lives in an apartment in Greenwich Village. Its a good life winner

Whats the experience of brins undertaking for sister Yuyanu2014u2014

The perfect combination of industry, tuyere and Tianshi, as well as the outstanding action power of the founder.

In particular, brins win was easy.

From product positioning, to marketing, to the acquisition, smoothly to did not go through a small fork in the road.

Yu Yan feels that there are several factors for her successu2014u2014

First, the product angle is good, and the technical difficulty is low, which is especially suitable for entrepreneurs who do not understand technology.

Do you think the technology of mirror is very difficult?

Its not high.

A liberal arts girl found several engineers, and it took two years to make it.

The product is relatively mature as soon as it comes into the market. There is no big problem.

As for the fitness app installed in the product, it is easy to ignore.

The point is that the mirror is a wonderful entry point for idea.

But as brins investors put it: practice rooms, gyms, there are mirrors everywhere. How common it is to exercise in front of a mirror. How come no one thought of making a mirror into a screen before?

When we didnt make it, we didnt expect it. After we got it, we suddenly realized that this kind of product with the right demand is bound to succeed.

On the other hand, if Luo Yonghao goes to make a hammer mobile phone, the difficulty coefficient is too high.

If Lao Luo had chosen a small and beautiful product like mirror, maybe it would have been popular for a long time, and there would have been no need to sell myself live.

Recently, everyone has been discussing that the most enviable thing about the children of rich families is that they have a lot of trial and error opportunities.

A few days ago, sister Yuyan contacted her old colleague in Canada.

As a senior architect, he has two residences in Vancouver.

My colleagues complained to me that my son didnt listen to me. He studied art history in University and didnt know where to find a job.

But for a girl of good birth like Brin, who pays $70000 a year in rattan school to learn the most unprofitable literature, her parents also support her.

After graduation, you dont have to think about whether you can earn back hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition fees. Instead, you can go dancing and become a fitness coach. You can find a job just as you like, and you dont have to think about money.

Children from poor families tend to see trees but not trees. They are too heavy on the concept of money, and tend to flinch in long-term planning.

There is no way.

But Brin, a girl with ease, doesnt have to worry about risks and seek stability. She does what she wants. She often looks further and considers more personal demands.

If brin had not been a dancer and coach at will, but had been an accountant who looked at tables every day like sister Yuyan, he would not have come up with a product like mirror.

In addition, sister Yuyan also found thatu2014u2014

Children born in poverty do not have the habit of asking questions. They tend to do things without knowing how to ask for directions and have no sense of asking for help.

For example, children with well-off families are more willing to communicate and think more about strategic issues.

For example, Brin, without a partner, would dare to raise more than 70 million yuan one after another; when she was seven months pregnant, she insisted on getting financing and starting work, and she was still too slow to produce products in two years.

Although brin had never studied business or worked in a large company, her intuition formed in the circle told her that things should be done like this.

Third, when you are young, if you have a dream, you still have to make a breakthrough, even if you are the mother of a child.

Like Brin, although the family is well-off, but still looking for financing, young mothers who say the project will be criticized by their families and even others: its important to raise children, bring them up and start a business again.

But she didnt wait. She raised money when she was pregnant, and organized the product after giving birth.

When you are young, if you dont go for a break, how do you know your future?

Children should not be a hindrance, nor a reason to let themselves step back. When they see opportunities, dont give up.

So brin is better than Gu Jia, a stay at home mom in the hit TV series just 30 that recently dominated the topic list.

The highly praised full-time mother Gu Jia is also a very special female role in recent years

Gu Jia, a keen, intelligent and capable woman, voluntarily became the logistics of the family when the children arrived, but brin did not.

To tell you the truth, brins timing, location and peoples harmony are his own creation.

The opportunity is fleeting. If she stopped starting her business because of giving birth to a baby four years ago, she would not have achieved what she has achieved today.

Therefore, we should not only envy brins opportunities, but also her ability to create opportunities for herself.

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