As a boyfriend / girlfriend, do you think you have done well enough?

 As a boyfriend / girlfriend, do you think you have done well enough?

Thank you for writing down your valuable suggestions on todays emotional problems.

Beauty for help:

Hello, Wangzai. I just broke up. Ive been with my ex for more than two years.

Then I have a stable relationship and I like things together. I used to eat together every day at school and play basketball after class,

Even if I dont have any money, he will prepare me a small gift for the anniversary.

Then in September last year, he went to practice, and I stayed in school to continue to prepare for the junior college entrance examination, that is, in other places.

But I also met once or twice a week. Until this year, I had to open and close many times, each time probably because of his drinking.

He went to drink at least four or five times a month when others called him, and cheated me about it, and this time it was the same.

He told me not to drink, and then he used to drink a lot before telling me that he was drinking.

In fact, every time I break up, my friends know that we will make up. We have been together for more than two years, and I have never been willing to delete more than 1000 photos.

Because I think I never thought that I would have a relationship with other people, and I really believe that he is a person.

I really felt as if I had misjudged someone at that moment. I gave him my first time,

Then he may feel that I cant leave him. I really love him, but now I dont think its worth it.

He always uses social intercourse and making friends as an excuse to drink, and then I feel that it is actually playing.

I can understand if its going out with colleagues and having occasional parties, or if these brothers get together occasionally.

He used to drink. I didnt ask him to buy yogurt for takeaway. If he was, I would wake him up.

As a girlfriend, I really have done it. I dont think he knows how to cherish it.

He knew how to make me sad, I said or did not listen, each time only said break up.

Break up a few days to come to me, beg for peace to say soft words, just a few days of good for me, after a period of time, the original appearance is revealed.

Its really good to be nice to me, but bad is really bad.

In my opinion, maybe you think your partner is too perfect.

Yes, he said a little too much, but who hasnt said hard words when they are in a hurry.

Many people feel that they, as boyfriends / girlfriends, may have done a good job in some or several details, and they feel that they are a qualified partner.

In fact, we often feel that, as you said, when he is drunk, he orders takeout, buys yogurt and takes care of him,

What about other aspects? Are they all so perfect?

On the other hand, as you said, you all said that he was really good to you, only drinking.

So in his mind, its hard to avoid feeling that hes basically done what a boyfriend should do,

But drink alone, why cant you tolerate the sense of incomprehension.

Drinking is really bad, especially for people who like to make trouble after drinking, which is a time bomb at any time.

But as you said, your boyfriend drinks four or five times a month, and he is also a few close friends.

Maybe you just think that he gives you less time, and as a person, I dont like drinking.

Looking back now, some have gone to other cities, and some have returned to their hometown. They really cant get together several times a year.

So one thing your boyfriend really said is right, when hes on the rise in his career, especially after hes married and has children.

After a year, I often cant get together with my best friends a few times, which makes me less free and easy when I was young.

He deceives you, must also be your strong does not let him and the friend drink the result.

Therefore, in the case of no third party, both sides are often responsible for some deception in the details of life.

To put it bluntly, in the final analysis, I think you still have communication problems.

When you stop him from drinking less, do you use a strong command, do you know how to retreat, or do you just hate it?

I dont think that just because the other party has drunk wine and said a few unintentional words, he always takes a sentence that after drinking must be the truth.

Then should you learn to compromise properly in the interest of his other aspects?

Light of heart from care, love make complaints about reading.

But as we get older, we get married, and life naturally deprives them of the right to get together.

Sometimes its so simple for a man to go to a friends factory, apartment or even rooftop. If you have a few bottles of wine, you wont get drunk, but you can talk freely.

So, you might as well take a step back, dont be too strong and a non-negotiable attitude to limit his drinking.

Give him some space. For example, if he has been drinking for three weeks in a row, then for the fourth week, try to discuss with him and let him accompany you.

Through the soft transfer way, with an understanding attitude to care about his drinking injury, I think your feelings will not be so easy to end with this.

Unless, at this time, your heart is really dead, and has been determined to do no longer he coax on the compound.

Otherwise, if you are still soft hearted and compound, but the way does not change, it will always repeat the same mistakes to you are really frustrated.

Finally, Id like to say one more thing, that is, dont feel hurt because you give someone you really love for the first time.

In fact, this kind of mentality subconsciously seems to feel that women are inferior to men, and regard women as the status that no one wants for the first time.

Women who think so will gradually lose their confidence and charm,