The reason why the slag man film Emperor didnt marry has been exposed: after 500 million people were charmed, he was no longer in love

 The reason why the slag man film Emperor didnt marry has been exposed: after 500 million people were charmed, he was no longer in love

The house carries too much beauty for two people.

The past scenes across the mind, helpless, grief poured into my mind.

She was disheartened.

The following year, he unilaterally filed a divorce petition at a press conference.

Soon after, a press conference was held to announce the divorce.

But at this time, zhihuimei regretted.

For Takakura Jian, she is still very nostalgic.

She found a good friend xuecunquan to be a lobbyist, hoping to let Gao cangjian postpone the divorce and meet her.

But Takakura refused.

Zhihuimeis concession cant cover the hot and cold heart of Takakura.

This fairy tale marriage has come to an end.

The media strongly criticized Takakuras ruthlessness.

He did not respond.

Keep silent.

Time goes back to 1954.

At that time, Takakura was also called Okada.

He just graduated from Meiji University.

Like ordinary people, he also encountered employment difficulties.

It is a pity that he failed to fulfill his wish in foreign trade.

By a coincidence, he was chosen by okayo Makino of Dongying company and invited him to join.

Forced to make a living, he had to enter the companys actor training class.

At present, even eating is a problem. As long as you can make money, you can do anything.

Takakura came out of a small place and was biased against the actors.

They think that actors are Heyuan beggars, similar to beggars.

Being an actor is definitely not what a man should do.

So during the audition, when he saw the paint on his face, he cried.

He felt very ashamed at the thought.

He cant decide not only his job, but also his name.

He had planned to start the stage as Gung do..

The company didnt agree.

In depression and helplessness, Takakura became an actor.

In 1956, Takakura participated in the skit silly love sang.

He blushed when he went to the set.

While filming, zhihuimei also noticed the young boy.

The two soon fell in love.

Many years later, Gao cangjian became the representative of the isolated and indifferent tough guy.

But at this time, he is still a spirited young man.

Everyones impression of him is: lively and cheerful.

Will do a lot of romantic things for zhihuimei.

After each date, Takakura took her home.

Xuecunquan recalled the past:

Together, they went to Dongda temple in Nara county to watch Torch Festival, to Tokushima county to watch Apollo dance, and to explore hunting interest in Matsumoto castle in Nagano county.

The farther the car drove, the closer their hearts were.

In 1959, Takakura Jian and Jiang Lizhi Huimei achieved the goal.

Zhihuimeis vision is correct.

Takakura didnt let her down.

Soon, he contributed a number of works of public praise, among the first line.

Film companies are looking for new production directions.

In 1964, it was broadcast.

Dongying company cooperated with Takakura to open the era of chivalrous films in Japan.

Ren chivalrous film is similar to Hong Kongs old foggy boy movie, fighting, killing and paying attention to chivalrous spirit.

There is a long line at the gate of the cinema waiting for Takakuras film.

Young people began to imitate his dress, wearing windbreaker, sunglasses and collar.

Since then, Takakura has become a benchmark of this kind of film.

His fame is no accident.

In order to complete a shot, he put on a pair of pocket trousers at 15 degrees below zero and jumped into the sea.

At this time, the rudiment of iron and steel tough man was basically formed.

The ordeal failed to hold him back.

Because he has a tenacity in his bones, a kind of stubborn man.

This stubborn, let Gao cangjian ushered in his era.

But at the same time, it also caused his future marriage tragedy.

In 1962, zhihuimei became pregnant.

Hearing the news, Takakura was ecstatic.

We all know how eager traditional men are for children.

Can not wait for him to slow down in joy, zhihuimei was detected pregnancy poisoning.

This is a more common maternal disease.

The severity varies.

Unfortunately, zhihuimei is a very serious one.

Must abort!

Materials of the film happy yellow handkerchief

They were suddenly happy and fell into deep despair.

The hope of beauty was shattered.

An invisible gap arises between the two.

The pain of losing her daughter is everywhere in life, which makes Takakura unable to hide.

He had to devote himself to filming and forced extreme training.

In order to better integrate into the role, trying to use the film to drown the heart of grief.

Sometimes I stay with the crew for months without going home.

He was addicted to a large number of chivalrous characters and could not extricate himself.

The net goes abroad series, the Japanese knight errant biography series, the Zhaohe remnant chivalrous biography series

He became the film emperor with infinite scenery and the representative of tough hero.

But long immersed in the role of cold, strong.

Takakura, who was on his own, became more and more isolated, silent and inhuman.

The hotter Takakura is, the colder he is, and the farther away he is from zhihuimeis heart.

Takakura can get temporary escape from the role.

Zhihuimei can only face the empty big house, accompany with loneliness, get along with loneliness, and bear the pain of losing her daughter alone.

In order to regain her passion for life, she told Takakura that she planned to return to singing.

Takakura Jian is no longer that romantic, cheerful, understanding little boy.

His male chauvinism broke out and opposed the idea of zhihuimei.

As a result, the two people were in a stalemate. It exacerbates the death of feelings.

For a long time, he was in a state of cold violence.

Until their house burned down.

The fire spread to scarred feelings and broke the 12 year old marriage.

This house is the emotional home of two people.

Later, zhihuimei regretted her divorce, but Takakura did not intend to forgive her capriciousness.

As the first foreign film, pursuit by Takakura was released in China.

The films response in Japan was average.

Seeing the fire of chase, we immediately produced 100000 pieces of the same windbreaker, and sold out on the last day and a half.

Everyone is learning from the hero Du Qiu who puts on his windbreaker and sets up his collar.

Boys who dont have windbreaker have to stand up their collars when they wear Zhongshan suits.

At that time, the people who set up collars were not good people. Because underground people will stand up their collars as soon as they move.

However, in the face of the high Cang Jian effect, this concept has become a dross.

That year, when Zhang Yimou saw Du Qiu, he also put on his collar and sunglasses. He resolutely left the cotton and hemp factory and began to learn how to create films.

Some revelry, some lonely.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the publics appreciation of men was fresh meat represented by Tang Guoqiang.

At that time, at least 500 million Chinese had seen pursuit..

Men living in the shadow of Takakura, they take him as the aesthetic standard.

The girls fell in love with this kind of man who was not smiling and restrained.

They issued a look for Takakura voice: why we do not have a tough guy?

Even Ding Jianhua, who dubs the heroine, returns home and says to her husband, look at other peoples Takakura, and then look at yourself.

Those insulting words such as little Japan and Japanese devils will never fall on the high warehouse fitness program.

Only praise and cheers are left for him.

Compared with Takakura, zhihuimei is not so lucky.

After the divorce, the career was not smooth. After a while, she came back and was soon forgotten.

Im a woman, I want to live a decent life, she sang in wine

But in fact, her life is very bad.

He was unhappy in his career, drunk all day and depressed.

On February 13, 1982, zhihuimei, 45, was found dead at home.

She choked to death tragically as she vomited and choked her throat with vomit.

Before she died, only her dog was with her.

This day is the wedding anniversary of Takakura and zhihuimei, as well as Takakuras birthday.

Takakura did not attend.

But no one knows his heart.

He doesnt talk about love in front of the media.

His inner feelings are not humane. This led to many misunderstandings about him.

We dont know that he still has feelings for zhihuimei.

Later, Takakura said in his autobiography that the reason for divorce is that both parties want to let go and let each other happy.

We dont know.

Seven days after the funeral, Takakura came to her alone and brought a lot of white chrysanthemums.

He came quietly and sat silent in front of the throne.

Just like when I first met.

No one understood his pain.

On February 13 every year, there is a lonely figure in front of zhihuimeis spiritual throne.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Zhang Yimou prepared the first martial arts film Hero.

Zhang Yimou immediately thought of a hero, Takakura Jian, about the No.1 mans nameless role selection.

The film has almost brought together Chinas best production team and cast.

Everyones breaking the scalp and trying to mix up a character.

(the position, script and lineup are all top-notch) I think he can accept it

He went to Japan to meet his idol.

Unexpectedly, he was rejected.

I dont want to be a hero, Takakura said

He has acted in more than 200 films and has been a hero too much.

Now he wants to be an ordinary person and deduce the feeling of waiting silently.

After zhihuimei left, Takakura has been using images to narrate his warmth.

In the call of a distant mountain, when he is arrested, his lover catches up and gives him a token of love.

In the happy yellow handkerchief, after he gets out of prison, he sees his wife who is still waiting.

Even the last film of Takakuras life, to my dear you, is a story of mourning his wifes death.

Many years later, Takakura talked about his wifes death.

He said,

When it hurts others, the most important person hurts more. Knowing that no one in the world is more noble than her, I dont know why, or will do things that deeply stab her.

The male chauvinism of Kyushu Island robbed Takakura of his ability to express his emotions.

He hid all his guilt in his heart and expressed his redemption for his wife by his actions.

As a railroad man, Takakura Jian sent his daughter and his wife to the train.

From then on, yin and Yang were separated.

A railroad man cant shed tears.

So Takakura is always silent about his regrets.

Live a life of repentance.

This is zhihuimeis famous song, their favorite song.

The only requirement for Takakura to participate in the film is to insert this song at the end of the film.

Outside the film, Takakura is childless.

Marry once in your life and love only one person.