The hurricane blew down Trumps border wall! Some people suggested that his government would collapse

 The hurricane blew down Trumps border wall! Some people suggested that his government would collapse

RT: watch trumps border wall blown down by Hurricane Hannah

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Hurricane Hannah knocked down a section of Trumps border wall in Texas. By November, the blue tsunami will destroy the entire trump government. A kind of

It is reported that although the video has been wildly circulated on social media, it is not clear who, when and where the video was shot. But earlier this month, a privately built border wall by trump supporters in southern Texas was criticized for being too close to the Rio Grande, and it showed signs of erosion only a few months after it was built.

At the time, trump responded on the matter by saying, I dont agree that a private group building such a small wall in a difficult place is still funded through advertising. Theyre just going to embarrass me. And it may not even work now. It should be like the rest of the border wall, which is more than 500 miles in total.

According to media reports, one of Trumps promises to build a border wall outside the border was previously promised by trump. He has repeatedly said that the border wall will help curb illegal immigration and drug smuggling. On June 23, during the outbreak, trump also flew to the border area to participate in the completion ceremony of the 200 mile border wall. He called the famous border city Tijuana on the Mexican side as the global source of virus infection. He also boasted that the border wall built by himself had 100% blocked the virus wave from Mexico and continued to throw the epidemic to Mexico.

Will trump attack the South China Sea Islands and reefs before the election? What will be Washingtons next card?

Shi Yinhong, a professor at the school of international relations at Renmin University of China, told Singapores Lianhe Zaobao that the trump government will then put pressure on China from various aspects, including legal sanctions on the Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues, accusations that China has infiltrated and stolen intelligence, provoked military conflicts in the South China Sea, or asked the German and French governments to keep pace with the United States and block Huawei and other Chinese branches Technology enterprises.

Some media even believe that, on the premise of avoiding direct armed conflict with China, trump still has two cards to play to China before the election: one is to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan; the other is to raid Chinas South China Sea Islands and reefs. Someone wrote in USA today that trump should visit Taiwan in order to send a signal to China. According to the article, no US president has visited Taiwan since 1960, because American officials have long hoped to maintain good relations with Beijing. If trump cant go, its OK to send Vice President burns..

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