In the post epidemic period, why are there still offline brands?

 In the post epidemic period, why are there still offline brands?

According to Ms. Lins 20 million fans in social media, she has more than 95 million fans in the field of fashion. MumaSunny (Lin Shanshan independent beauty makeup brand) and HAZELFEEL (small black independent beauty makeup brand) started on the line, once sold on the shelves, the whole network was sold. HAZELFEEL new eye shadow disc sold over 70 thousand pieces in a short time, and MumaSunny liquid eye shadow sold 2 hours within 50 thousand hours, and sold 110 thousand pieces altogether. In this activity, two celebrities appeared in the offline stores of wowcolour, just to build momentum for their own beauty brand and convey the fashion style and concept of beauty brand to fans.

Offline is still an important position of beauty brands in post epidemic period

In recent years, Taobao Xinxuan, Netease strict selection and other e-commerce platforms have opened offline stores, at the same time, the major Internet brands have also entered the offline. Take the overseas brand Fenty beauty as an example. This brand created by famous American singer Rihanna can be called the dark horse of beauty industry. With the help of more than 70 million instagram fans, Rihanna quickly opened up users awareness of her beauty brand. In the first few weeks of the products launch, Rihanna achieved a sales volume of $100 million, which quickly became popular. Subsequently, fentybeauty further opened up online and offline consumption scenarios, settled in Sephora offline stores, set up brand counters, and further expanded its business map.

Ive been looking at her shop since she started a beauty shop, and Ive seen MumaSunnys liquid eye shadow for a long time, but I dont know how the actual effect on my face has been lying in my shopping cart. A fan of Lin Shanshan told me, I am really happy to see MumaSunny online this time. I just tried this eye shadow and it was very suitable for me. I immediately pulled up the grass. Lin Shanshan said that the trend of try first, buy later and double chop hands online and offline is particularly obvious in her post-95 fans.

Make-up is very complex, concealer, thickness, particle size and so on do not experience it is difficult to grasp. If you only buy make-up online, and never go offline to communicate with makeup artists, you are either gifted with make-up or use it as a toy. Lin Shanshan said, our brand is in a brand-new color makeup collection store format. There is no cabinet sister to sell products, so you can choose and buy freely. The shop decoration is also very beautiful. It can also be used as a card punching holy land of friends circle. Both products and experiences are extremely humanized.

New retail mode of chenfan Hongren brand realizes online and offline consumption closed loop

Different from traditional beauty brands, independent brands such as mumasunny and hazelfee rely on the characteristics of Hongren and have their own set of playing methods.

Chen fan, the MCN company of Lin Shanshan and Xiaohei, created a lot of column grass planting contents with strong readability and visibility on the social platform, such as Street Photos of fashion clothes, beauty education videos, shopping box videos once a month, and life vlog, etc. through high-quality content, they have attracted and accumulated a large number of fans. Each celebrity will export his own aesthetic ideas with his own characteristics, and at the same time lead and stimulate the shopping demand of fans. If you look at their microblogs, you can often see many fans asking about the brand of red mans clothes and the color of lipstick in the comments.

(Lin Shanshan beauty teaching video)

Not every red man is suitable for running a personal brand, says Lin Shanshan. Chen fan will select red men with strong grass planting attributes and strong ability to carry goods according to their fans labels and comments preferences, and incubate their own brands based on their characteristics. In addition to integrating private brand products into the daily updated content of social platforms, popular people will also intuitively show fans the process details, use effects, collocation suggestions, etc. of the products in the live broadcast room. For fans, different forms of content presentation are the process of deepening the understanding of products, planting grass in depth, and ultimately promoting the transformation of consumption.

I also see that in this activity, there is a plain person transformation this link. The organizers invited several fans to the scene online, and Lin Shanshan and Xiaohei used their beauty products to transform their makeup.

(left: Xiaohei, right: plain man)

The makeup table is full of hazelfeels beauty products. Beauty blogger Xiaohei, who has been in the field of beauty for nearly 10 years, chooses and matches her products according to her fans facial features and personal preferences. You can see that her face is rounder and she is very gentle. It is not suitable for hot girls with thick eyebrows and big eyes, but it is suitable for sweet makeup. Xiao Hei, while making up for fans, introduces her transformation idea. this makeup is quite suitable for commuting. If you dont want to be too cute, you can match a suit of earth color, which will make your whole temperament different. Fans call Xiao Heis eyes on the edge. its just a walking grass planting machine. I want all of that row!

In addition to adding the offline experience to the fans, the new users can buy the products online, and they can get the most professional and comprehensive product tutorials by watching the red mans make-up video on the social platform, such as the color matching of an eye shadow, or how blushes bring different make-up effects with different methods. As a result, consumers become dependent on celebrities and brands. After becoming fans, they have the opportunity to grow more beauty products by Hongren and promote secondary consumption.

Brand strategy of chenfan Hongren ushers in new growth

It is understood that this is not the first offline test of Chen Fans fashion brands. Muma sunny and hazelfeel have set up more than 50 offline experience stores. In addition, at the beginning of this year, chen fan also built the first pop-store of Hongren independent brand in Hangzhou nottingshan Art Center, gradually realizing the online and offline collaborative branding strategy.

According to Lin Shanshan, chenfan is a multi brand fast fashion group driven by Hongren + AI. At present, it has incubated more than 150 celebrities and developed more than 30 fast-growing independent brands. More than 10 Hongren have their own brand stores, covering clothing, beauty, accessories, mother and baby clothing, childrens clothing and food, to meet the preferences and needs of the younger generation of consumers u3002

(collection of brands of chenfan)

Chen fan uses many celebrities to lay brand communication dimensions on social platforms, sinking private traffic, and then relies on fans of geometric magnitude to achieve diffusion communication. With the help of Hongren social marketing, chenfan ranks third in the Gmv ranking of womens clothing brands of Taoyi in 2019, only inferior to Ling Zhi fashion and UNIQLO. The diversified brand combination and the combination of online and offline branding strategy will accelerate the growth of chenfans market share and enhance the influence of chenfan in the industry.