Would humiliating yamy make you look more respectable?

 Would humiliating yamy make you look more respectable?

In this recording, her boss, Xu Mingchao, comments on yamys super ugly, not fashionable, dressed like a hedgehog and I think shes sick In addition, he repeatedly asked other employees to acknowledge the comments.

In her long post on Weibo, yamy wrote that Xu Mingchao had often suppressed and criticized her in the past two years. When he proposed to terminate the contract, Xu replied, we understand the situation, dont die..

In his subsequent response, Xu Ming Dynasty not only did not apologize for his humiliating remarks, but also threatened and accused yamy everywhere, claiming that what he said was the truth.

Humiliated girls

It is true that aesthetics is a very subjective thing, but it is a moral problem to humiliate a persons appearance in public.

Some people also defended Xu Ming Dynasty: we discussed yamy, not as a natural person, but as a product. For traffic stars, image, ability and even personality are attributes of the commodity itself.

In recent years, in order to please more female consumers with economic strength, womens League talent shows have begun to focus on multi aesthetic. Under the slogan of dont define the womens group, the draft girls are no longer a single sweet, graceful and clever girl next door, but have added cool girls, short hair, neutral style, Queen style and other styles.

However, such changes are not applauded by thousands of people. The more personalized girls in the womens league are facing greater pressure.

Its not the first time yamy has been said to be ugly. When creation 101 was on the air, the keywords yamy ugly and yamy looks were searched the most. Yamy himself said that since she participated in the program, the words ugly and old were indispensable on the Internet.

Wang Sicong has also published many female artists among the diss rocket girls on Weibo, including accusing yamy and sunnee are simply calling the mens Troupe and Li Ziting looks like a healthy fish.

Coincidentally, Liu Yuxin, who also takes a neutral style, won the c-spot in youth has you 2. He was scolded as iron T for not conforming to the mainstream aesthetics.

Yamy, who surpasses the aesthetic standards of mainstream womens groups, and sunnee and Liu Yuxin, who are neutral in aesthetic standards, have been suffering from negative, questioning and even contemptuous voices.

Yamy: its not a mold or a seal. How can you laugh the same

This aesthetic hegemony is reflected in the random and malicious evaluation of women.

When Qiang Dongyue was doing fashion modeling, the stylist said in front of her, what kind of you dont know yourself? Standing next to your teammates is ugly. ;

As soon as Wang Ju appeared, there was always a curse on the barrage. He was ugly and old, so he got out of the program and so on;

Lai Meiyun once had the reputation of station B Qiu Shuzhen because of the shape of a double head bun that resembles the goddess Qiu Shuzhen. As a result, director Wang Jing, who once cooperated with Qiu Shuzhen, even repeatedly forwarded the topic and ridiculed her ugly like that, do you mean to say it?

In terms of appearance and temperament, the female artists who have already possessed incomparable advantages can not escape the fate of being scolded as ugly, especially for ordinary girls.

You should remember that not long ago, a boy from a college in Shaanxi insulted the girl on the playground and laughed at the news that his body was a tank. On some live broadcasting platforms, many men also use light tank, medium tank and heavy tank to grade womens body

Appearance humiliation and physical humiliation almost become the pain that every female must experience in the process of growing up.

Is the workplace PUA being rationalized?

Of course, yamys case can cause such a wide range of discussion because it is not purely facial discrimination. This incident also triggered peoples thinking and discussion

In the workplace, as workers, what kind of relationship should we have with employers?

Xu Mingchao says that the companys problem is that it is too good to artists, which gives them the right to choose their own. He thinks that yamys changing mother has harmed the companys interests. He also wants yamy to change his perception and think he is ugly (its also very absurd for a woman to be scolded as a Niang gun).

The logic behind these words is: as an artist of the company, yamy should not have the right to choose independently, but should be an obedient tool person. Xu Mingchao is trying to gain control over yamy by suppressing her language.

This is an obvious workplace PUA, that is, to obtain more compliant employees by devaluing and suppressing human dignity and value, so as to maximize profits.

According to the artist commodity theory, yamys appearance, body and even personality are selling points, which are related to the companys interests. Therefore, the boss Xu Mingchao has the right to evaluate his artists at will.

On the contrary, yamy, who made the recording public and the children who secretly recorded it at the meeting, hurt the rules of the industry and revealed the companys secrets.

There are rules and rules in all walks of life, but is it right to always do such things?

What is the bottom line of the companys treatment of artists?

Lets take a look at Korea, which also uses artists as commodities.

The maturity and prosperity of Korean entertainment industry depends on the underlying operation logic of artist commodity theory. In a star factory, artists are like parts lying on the assembly line. They accept one after another of standardized processes, and are finally made into a perfect commodity, which is put into the market for public consumption.

Artists are unconditionally controlled by economic companies. For example, because Quan Zhixian has been popular for many years, the brokerage company is worried that she will have the heart of job hopping, so they monitor her all the year round; Shirley is deeply depressed, but the company still allows her to accept the program malicious evaluation and read the bad comments from the public in public.

In addition, many artists, including yamy, are faced with such a dilemma: in order to retain artists, some brokerage companies simply control the rising process of artists in their half red but not red periods, so as to ensure that artists can steadily make money for the company. If artists voluntarily propose to terminate the contract, they will compensate the brokerage company for high liquidated damages.

In the face of the companys pressure, many artists suffer from torture, often in a state of depression, and even through suicide to get the ultimate escape.

It is too overbearing to say that artists are commodities to make these shackles and bullying reasonable?

The so-called artist commodity theory is actually a kind of rationalization of human rights violations. People are never commodities, and all the injuries and bad comments will not be thrown into a commodity. Finally, those who undertake and digest these are people with emotion and dignity.

Therefore, please do not ignore the emotional labor of artists, nor simply alienate them into commodities.

The existence of some rules does not mean their rationality. The default of the whole society for this abnormal rule will lead to more people being hurt.

Why are you always advised to bow down?

In the yamy incident, there is also a very strange point of view, which is to advise you to look at the problem from the perspective of Xu Mingchao, saying, if I were the boss, I would not want an employee like yamy. its normal for the leader to criticize the employees, and the boss who doesnt swear in person has been very polite..

Or persuade yamy to be realistic and say capital will not tell you right or wrong, or if you want to have equal rights, dont rely on the bosss social relations.

What is most difficult to understand is that some people say that Xu Mingchao is a bit of a bully president.

Because there are always some people who think that they are the one who has interests and power.

And these people are even more terrible than Xu Ming Dynasty. They are right by your side. They acquiesce and encourage the power to suppress and bully the weak in the unequal relations such as the workplace PUA. Therefore, Xu Mingchao did not apologize for his language violence in the two responses. Even in the second response, he said with a sound voice: I am the middle-aged male boss of the workplace PUA, but I will never apologize to yamy. The subtext is, I PUA someone else, what can you do?

This kind of direct and strong patriarchy exists in China.

Some scholars believe that due to the differences in cultural backgrounds, workplace bullying in China and other Asian countries is significantly different from that in western countries. For example, compared with European and American countries, Asian Confucian culture is more receptive to work bullying.

Compared with the west, Chinese people tend to respect authority, avoid risks, attach importance to the harmony of groups or teams, pursue achievements and long-term planning. Under the influence of this traditional order, the Chinese formed the concept of advocating power, obeying authority and philosophy of survival.

For example, Japanese and Korean culture, the relationship culture of Chinese culture, all contribute to the phenomenon of workplace hegemony in Asian culture.

The reason why yamy is supported is that she chooses to bravely confront this abnormal culture and choose to be a sober person.

Voice and protest against these injustices, not only for ourselves, but also for more people who will be hurt.