Evolution theory of better life in Pan household industry in the new consumption upgrading Era

 Evolution theory of better life in Pan household industry in the new consumption upgrading Era

Industry reshuffle, seize the opportunity is the king

In Pan household industry, the transformation of traditional home furnishing industry cannot be separated from the transformation of business management mode, and the productivity is enhanced with the help of information big data. In order to promote consumers demand for quality life and provide high-quality products and services that keep pace with the times, Zhibang household has carried out such measures as strengthening informatization and intelligent production capacity layout, establishing new brands and new business lines, rebuilding wardrobe production lines, and optimizing cooperation channels, so as to promote the innovation of sales model and business model. After 22 years of accumulation, Zhibang home has built a brand moat step by step, which also helps consumers open a new version of the national better life map.

Zhibang household leads the whole people to a better life in 22 years

In order to realize peoples beautiful imagination of home, Zhibang home has always followed the market changes, completed the large-scale customized layout, product serialization and intelligent manufacturing, and cooperated with various parties to create a new glory of human settlements. On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary, Zhibang household follows the trend of the industry and uses the new media marketing method of double micro and one shake to strengthen the connection between the brand and consumers, so as to make the brand become a part of the beautiful life scene.

At the microblog end, Zhibang home held a nostalgic party with blue V brands such as Hengjie, Xilinmen, red star Macalline, etc., to convey the value concept of advanced and better life with the joint brand.

Meanwhile, home furnishing WeChat is a symbol of tiktoks latest concept of better life. It also uses a micro movie to tell the changes of ordinary family life, and pays tribute to the yearning for a better life, arousing the resonance of countless netizens. Tiktok, a long mirror record of the long drawn out picture of home furnishing life and the short video of the interesting life and the short sound of life, also attracts countless netizens and consumers. By means of online and offline linkage, Zhibang home has enhanced its stickiness with consumers. It has also launched a series of star pop-up luxury packages in flagship exhibition halls, tmall and Jingdong official flagship stores across the country. With high-quality products and sincere preferential treatment, Zhibang home has helped consumers to advance to a better life.

From officially signing the contract with Jay Chou to release the brand-new advertising film of Zhibang home x Jay Chou 2019, to digital marketing of brand with the help of Internet platform to promote brand upgrading; Then, he concentrated on polishing the product force, made outstanding achievements in improving the healthy environment of national housing and enhancing the function of housing epidemic prevention, and won the red Ding Award for promoting healthy family at one stroke... Zhibang household integrated resources, continuously and deeply explored the new needs of consumer groups, and enabled people to live a better life. As the witness and beneficiary of the brand growth of Zhibang in the past 22 years, the vast number of consumers have also deeply felt the infinite possibility brought by the powerful strength of Zhibang home for life in these 22 years. From the warm smile service to the mens cooking Festival which cares for womens inner demands, warmth, touch and trust have become an important label for Zhibang home.

Embrace the bright future and win-win big home 4.0 Era

Facing the new changes of industrial digital upgrading and technological innovation, Zhibang home furnishing stands out among the large household enterprises with innovation, product, transformation and driving force. As the core of the transformation and upgrading of the home furnishing industry, Zhibang attaches importance to satisfying and improving the user experience, always takes realizing peoples beautiful imagination of home as its brand mission, and will provide every consumer with high-quality products with home life experience.

Based on a better life and a bright future, only by taking the market as the guidance, taking the consumption demand as the entrance, taking the flow as the core, and driven by the core competitiveness of enterprises, can large household enterprises win the future market in the new round of competition. As a leading brand in Chinas home furnishing industry, Zhibang home furnishing will surely arouse the expectation of a better life and step by step step step into the world with the mission of national enterprises. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485