IFLYTEK intelligent keyboard, voice typing black Technology

 IFLYTEK intelligent keyboard, voice typing black Technology

Recognition of 23 dialects

It supports the intelligent recognition of 23 dialects such as Cantonese, Sichuan dialect and Minnan dialect. I can understand what you say without practicing Putonghua

Translation in 28 languages

Support the translation function of 28 languages, the user can directly speak Chinese to generate English translation, real-time translation is fast and efficient. Foreign trade, business, study abroad, cross language communication barrier free

The voice password can be controlled intelligently

Support voice control function, using voice to complete search, open applications, shopping, watching TV and other intelligent instructions recognition is very convenient, users only need to move the mouth, keyboard reception and analysis after the transmission to the computer, automatically help you complete

Support offline voice, dual MAC noise reduction

Using self evolution off-line speech recognition engine, voice typing can also be done when the weak network is disconnected

Dual microphone noise reduction, greatly improve the effect of speech fidelity, no fear of environmental noise interference, speech recognition more accurate

OCR recognition

Quickly and accurately identify the text information on pictures and PDF documents and convert them into text

Multi system compatibility

One key switch, support Android, windows, MAC / IOS operating system / set shortcut switch button, easy to connect different devices

Feel comfortable

The structure of scissor foot key structure is stable, comfortable and low noise; the alloy appearance is beautiful and strong, durable, fashionable and exquisite;

Convenient charging

Built in lithium battery, using type-C interface power supply, after full charge can provide up to 3 months of use time.

Note: it varies according to the duration of speech use

Dual connection technology

Bluetooth low power technology connection, easy to use; 2.4GHz wireless intelligent frequency hopping technology, plug and play, flexible pairing