Jewelry store 2200 yuan to receive a proposal diamond ring is a fake online shopping fraud

 Jewelry store 2200 yuan to receive a proposal diamond ring is a fake online shopping fraud

Zhang Lei, a police officer at Yangsi police station of Pudong Public Security Bureau, said that she first used an electric pen purchased by herself, so-called being able to detect the material of diamonds, and explored it. The result showed that it was a diamond. And then she used a magnifying glass to look inside the diamond. Then, she put the diamond ring on an electronic scale and weighed it. As a result, the weight also reached the standard of an ordinary diamond ring.

The original price of more than 10000 diamond rings, mens price is not high, as long as 3000 yuan. In the end, after bargaining, the two sides had a happy deal of 2200 yuan. Not long after the man left, the owners wife, who was still immersed in joy, received a phone call from another shop assistant nearby saying that she had received a diamond ring. The seller was a man and offered 3800 yuan. Finally, she won 3000 yuan. After inquiry, the two men sold diamond rings for the same reason. Feeling something strange, the landlady called the police.

After arriving at the case, the three men confessed to selling fake diamond rings. It is reported that, shortly after they came to Shanghai, they did not have a proper job and stable income, so they came up with the wrong idea of buying fake diamond rings from the Internet, and then combining the fake with the real to go to some smaller gold and silver jewelry recycling shops to cheat.

After the professional authority appraisal, this diamond material, is the synthetic carborundum. The so-called platinum ring holder is just ordinary alloy. The cost of the whole ring is only a few dozen yuan. Compared with a real 0.5 carat diamond ring, the value of this ring is about one percent of its value.

At present, Pudong police have investigated three cases involving more than 6000 yuan of stolen money. At present, the three suspects, all suspected of fraud, have been detained by Pudong police in accordance with the law. The cases are under further investigation.

(source: Pudong TV reporter: Wang Shenyu, intern editor: Zhao Tianyu)