Same as Trumps upper track? Biden leads in three key states

 Same as Trumps upper track? Biden leads in three key states

US media analysis said that Trumps poor response to the new coronavirus epidemic is the main reason for the election crisis. At present, the total number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 4 million, and the cumulative death toll has reached more than 146000.

Trump is fighting for votes with division in the 100 day countdown to the US election

Although the time is getting closer, more suspense about the US election still need to be revealed.

In the coming week, Biden is expected to officially announce his chosen vice presidential candidate. It is still in doubt whether the widely speculated female and even African American Deputy candidate will trigger new topics and strengthen Bidens dominant position.

At the same time, with the opening of the election, three TV debates of the presidential candidates will be held in some form. At that time, it will also be an observation point whether Biden, who is bound to bear more expectations because of its more obvious advantage in the poll, will perform as expected. All in all, 100 days may not seem like a long time, but it is enough to make any imaginable change for the fast-moving election.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic factor is obviously the most prominent in this presidential election. The trump administrations ineffective prevention and control is widening the distance between the trump administration and Biden in the opinion polls. There are even views that the 2020 US general election will be an election about Empathy, and the public seems to be looking forward to a Biden who can bring the country back to normal and on track.

Biden has gained more support in the context of the epidemic from the polls, especially for some key groups. But the question is whether the changes in the polls can really turn into votes. After all, for some groups, the change of the epidemics preference is synchronized with the suppression of their voting rate. Therefore, nowadays, the key to Bidens victory lies in the so-called bag dropping for security, maintaining the advantage of the poll as much as possible, and converting it into actual votes as much as possible.

This means that the groups that support Biden are more likely not to vote for trump, but they may not vote for Biden. As a result, the 2020 general election may be one in which the voting rate may not be high and the two parties basically face to face, which may not be detrimental to trump.

In keeping with the epidemic situation, the trump administration hopes that other issues can be raised to serve as the auxiliary line or even other themes of the election. Now the crackdown on Portlands anti racial discrimination protest movement is obviously to intensify contradictions, weaken the impact of the epidemic with ethnic conflicts, and lock in more moderate white groups who might have run away.

In this way, if trump succeeded in 2016 with his mobile phone and extreme social media hype, he is stirring up the world to advance his campaign in 2020.

The U.S. general election will still be full of suspense in the next 100 days, but it is certain that for the sake of an election, some American politicians are ignoring the lives and safety of ordinary Americans under the threat of the epidemic, ignoring the credibility and bottom line in international relations, and creating uncertainty at home and abroad. This is irresponsible.

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