Expert: smearing China and hiding the truth from the people is the only choice for the US authorities

 Expert: smearing China and hiding the truth from the people is the only choice for the US authorities

Therefore, the new outbreak is the third large-scale death in the history of the United States after the Spanish influenza pandemic and civil war in 1918. For the American people, the pain caused by the disastrous consequences of the failure of the U.S. government to deal with the epidemic is far stronger than the massive death of American soldiers abroad.

If the American people widely understand that their government is not prepared enough because of its failure to foresee the severity of the new epidemic, which leads to catastrophic failure, it will cause great damage to the ideological legitimacy of the US political system. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for the political authorities in the United States to conceal this fact from the American people and try their best to conceal this fact from the international public opinion.

Therefore, although the trade war is a problem of economic and geopolitical competition with China for the ruling class of the United States, the disastrous consequences caused by the ineffective response to the new crown epidemic and the ensuing large-scale protest activities have endangered the legitimacy of the US political system, which is a more serious problem. Therefore, strategically speaking, this requires the ruling class of the United States to mobilize in an all-round way to conceal the truth from the American people.

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It is for this reason that the vast majority of the ruling ranks of the United States have no choice but to brazen their heads and intensify their efforts to discredit and criticize China while falsely claiming that the United States has overcome the new epidemic situation and conceal the truth from the American people and international public opinion.

However, as analyzed in the last article, the fundamental problem facing the ruling class in the United States is that at present, the American people are not willing to focus on the attacks on China, but are concerned about the problems caused by the internal forces of the United States. Therefore, the political elites of the United States must try to control the situation and refocus the attention of the American people on its so-called enemy, China, rather than its real enemy in the United States. This is a strategic goal that both the trump administration and the Democratic leadership are striving to achieve.

Will trump be killed?

In an attempt to regain control of the political situation in the United States, the ruling elite of the United States are holding public discussions on the need for radical measures, such as ensuring Trumps defeat in the November general election.

Until recently, it was clear that the most decisive part of American capital wanted trump to be re elected - his tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans made the American bourgeoisie richer. However, it is now a matter of serious concern that Trumps affront to the American people is a risk, misjudged the relationship of power and triggered a large-scale boycott by the American people. In the face of these huge protests, despite Trumps attempts to create his own law and order Presidents image and openly oppose racism, as confirmed by the polls, this has not succeeded in preventing the American people from resisting his policies on a large scale.


Some important figures in the Republican camp, such as Colin Powell, a former US commander, have announced that they refuse to vote for trump in 2020 and will support his Democratic rival Biden. John Bolton, a former US national security adviser, also launched a full-scale attack on trump in a highly publicized book and announced that he would refuse to vote for trump in November.

A less conspicuous but very powerful institution, one of the important institutions dominated by the American bourgeoisie, the Supreme Court of the United States, whose judge was nominated by trump, also began to make an adverse judgment on trump, rejecting his decision to refuse to grant legal protection and work authorization to 600000 children arriving in the United States. As the Wall Street Journal, one of the most important media in the United States, whose political stance is biased towards trump, pointed out: trumps immigration policy is one of the biggest legal failures of his presidency, and immigration has once again become the top political topic in the election year.

How about Biden?

The willingness of the American capitalist class to consider removing trump for the first time has increased, because they can ensure firm control of the Democratic Party by ensuring that Biden is elected as the Democratic candidate. Bidens rival Sanders is considered completely unacceptable by US capital for two reasons

But Biden represents a continuation of the Obama / Hillary policy, so it is completely reliable for US capital. This includes Bidens hostility to China, which Biden recently publicly accused trump of being too soft on China.

However, Obama / Hillary / Biden and Trumps China strategy are different. Democrats believe that if China and the United States confront one-on-one, the United States may lose. So Obamas strategy is to try to build a broad national alliance against China - for example, the creation of the trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Instead, trump believes that to build such a broad alliance, too many concessions must be made to countries such as Japan and Germany. Therefore, it is necessary to ask other allies to provide more economic resources to the United States, so that the United States can directly confront China.

Thus, Trumps foreign policy is to directly single out China, while his domestic policy is to mobilize his white racist supporters to ensure that no working class unites against his policy. But the new outbreak destroyed his wishful thinking. Among the more than 20 million Americans who have lost their jobs, the proportion of black people losing their jobs is much higher than that of white people, but the most unemployed people are white people, because they are the majority of the population. As black Americans directly oppose the murder of George Freud by racists, and trump can not give white people anything, instead, they are hit. Therefore, the reasons why the American people oppose trump on a large scale are obvious.

A protest march in Washington, D.C

As a result, Bidens turn to publicly attack black voters is extremely detrimental to his election - some of his early remarks in the protest, such as that the police should shoot the protestors in the legs, not in the chest, were ridiculed. Instead, Biden is now trying to show his support for the protestors - for example, in his virtual speech at George Freuds funeral, in line with the mourners. This is the same as Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the house, who led Democrats to kneel in silence in support of the protest against the killing of George Floyd.

But their performance shows that Biden and the Democratic leadership are determined that the focus of American politics should not be the opposition of the American people to their real enemies in the United States. For them, it is absolutely necessary to convince the American people that the enemy is not inside, but abroad - in China..

Therefore, what Biden and the Democratic leadership have done is to try to regard themselves as the friends of the large-scale American protestors, so as to mislead the protests, prevent them from going on, and try to change the direction of the protests so that the American people no longer oppose their real enemies, but mislead the American people to regard China as the imaginary enemy.


Bidens problem is that the social conditions for the mass protests that followed George Freuds murder have not disappeared, at least in the short term. As a result, a struggle is taking place in the United States between a mass movement against the internal enemy of the United States, rather than China, and the efforts of the Republican and Democratic leadership to shift the attention of the American people to China, the so-called enemy.. Obviously, the Chinese and American people are very concerned about the relationship between the first and the second tendencies. The fight at home will dominate the short-term situation.

In the face of a precarious election, trump is adjusting its strategy for China

Large scale protests and opinion polls in the United States show that the American people do not agree with Trumps way of handling these protests, and Bidens obvious leading position in the presidential election obviously put pressure on Trumps re-election. Although trump was confident of victory a few months ago, now he has a good chance of losing. Therefore, it is necessary for trump to reexamine his anti China strategy.

There is no sign that Trumps Anti China strategic line has undergone earth shaking changes - since the trump administration came to power, the practice of placing Navarro, an extreme Anti China faction, at the core of the trump government has not changed. But all the signs indicate that trump has begun to worry seriously that his preliminary trade agreement with China, especially Chinas agreement to buy American agricultural products, will have a serious negative impact on Trumps agricultural election, which is crucial to him in the election. As a result, within the trump administration, including Secretary of state pompeio, it seems that they have decided to change the strategy and privately try to consolidate the deal with China.

Pompeio recently focused on attacking China on a number of issues (photo source: Xinhua)