The story of Nezha subduing the demon

 The story of Nezha subduing the demon

The story of Nezha subduing the demon is gradually reaching a climax. Because Nezha (played by Jiang Yiyi) is in danger, XiaoLongNu (Wu Jiayi) takes risks to seek help from Guanyin regardless of her own safety and brings back Yang Jian to help. Nezha and XiaoLongNu seize the opportunity of Yang Jians martial arts competition to recruit a wife. They chant a mantra and walk away. They cooperate with each other and successfully destroy the wumang star array and resolve the Shenhuo state crisis. The demon clan was unwilling to fail again and again. They used intrigues to lure the enemy in. Nezha and XiaoLongNu were killed because of improper defense. Both of them were locked in the stone prison. They shared good fortune and shared difficulties.

With the rapid development of the plot, the actors mastery of the role is becoming more sophisticated. Nezha was deeply distressed when he saw that XiaoLongNus evil spirit was deepened. He wished that he could get rid of the demon emperor on the spot. He was extremely cruel and had a strong sense of Su. When XiaoLongNu learned that she might be demonized, she was full of worry and despair, which made her feel pitiful. Lotus root dragon combination burst out of emotion, so that netizens cant help but praise Nezha and XiaoLongNu are so wonderful, they like to watch their parts, XiaoLongNu is so pitiful, it hurts to look at it.

Gao Ziqi plays the most difficult Erlang God in the history, and Yuan qiongdan defuses the crisis tactfully

In the plot of last week, Yang Jian (played by Gao Ziqi) and Shenhuo girl form a deep friendship and touch the truth. Originally, they only intended to help Nezha and others escape from the Shenhuo Kingdom, but they did not expect to solve the mystery of the identity of the Shenhuo woman. She was master Yanji, whom Yang Jian had long loved in Kunlun immortal house. She was also Nezhas magic weapon, the 19 dragon flame mask. After a long time of secret love, they finally fell in love with each other, but they had to face the difference. Originally, they were powerful and powerful gods, but they lost their magic power and became the Queens servant. Yang Jian in the story of Nezha subduing the demon can be called the most difficult Erlang God in history!

It can be seen in the notice that this week Nezha and little dragon girl will open the copy of painting heaven illusion. What wonderful experience will they have? Why is XiaoLongNu unconscious? Can the silver water token be found?