The whole story of the wife killing case in Hangzhou

 The whole story of the wife killing case in Hangzhou

For the last time in her life, the 53 year old lady Lai was monitored by the elevator: she took her 11-year-old daughter home. In the early morning of the next day, she left the world passively in a tragic way.

The case in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province has been confirmed by the police that Ms Lai was killed and dismembered by her husband. How can the pillow man who has a daughter have the heart to fight each other and calmly cooperate with the report and interview? Many people shudder at the same time can not help but ask why.

More and more details outline the whole picture of the family: after the second marriage and reorganization, they have a daughter together, each has children before marriage, and there are two sets of moving houses in the family. It is suspected that there are family conflicts due to property and decoration style of the house.

It was calm before the storm. Although this homicide case is only an extreme case, it is not an isolated case. Everyone can read the complex human nature, heavy warning and think about our view of marriage and love.

(18 floors of building 4 for lady LAI)

Sanbao Beiyuan community in the eye of storm

News like long legs, Hangzhou police held a press conference on the 25th to report the details of the case, and the news soon boiled in the community.

Its really him! Ms. Li, a resident of the community, stood in the crowd gathering for discussion, her voice trembling slightly.

(on the morning of the 25th, the reporter of mammoth news Oriental today news came to the community.)

Located in Jianggan District of Hangzhou, this community is called Sanbao Beiyuan, which is only ten minutes drive away from Hangzhou east station. The surrounding scenery is very good, next to a small garden. In recent years, the news that Ms. Lai, a resident of the community, has become a storm eye of public opinion. A large number of police and media have frequently visited the community. Especially after the police publicly reported that Ms. Lai had been killed and her husband was suspected of committing a major crime on the 23rd, the community suddenly became more noisy. The police Conference on the 25th confirmed the speculation of many residents.

Sanbao Beiyuan community is a resettlement house with 6 residential buildings. There are 1075 people living in 379 households. The No. 4 building where Ms. Lai lives is near the east gate. There are 179 people in 69 households, with 18 floors and 4 households on each floor.

(on the 24th, a large number of residents gathered at the gate of the community to discuss this matter)

On the afternoon, evening and morning of July 24 and the morning of 25th, reporters from mammoth news? Oriental today newspaper entered the community many times. Everywhere they went, they heard the residents gather together to discuss the matter, and sometimes even serious security guards joined in.

On the night of the 24th, at the gate of the community and the shops on the first floor of the residential building near the street, many people mentioned the matter vividly. The reporter stopped to listen to it. Various unconfirmed rumors were flying all over the sky. Of course, there were calm voices saying that they were waiting for authoritative answers.

(on the 25th, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau held a press conference to report the case in detail.)

Hangzhou Public Security Bureau held a press conference on the 25th to report the case in detail and respond to some rumors. The boots landed!

Reply to police Im not worried

Its really shocking.

After lady Lais husband was identified as a criminal suspect, some netizens said frankly that he thought of the role of Zhang Dongsheng in the hit drama secret corner -- he asked with a smile, do you think I still have a chance? Turn around to have a close relationship with the parents in law, wife fatal blow, and then as if no one else to play a good son-in-law, a good husband.

The most surprising thing about Ms Lais husband is this kind of camouflage, which even the police call strong anti detection ability.

(my husband gives an interview with the local media. Video capture)

After investigating the case, he was very good at reporting the case to the police of Hangzhou

On July 6, her husband Xu and his family went to Sijiqing police station of Jianggan District branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau to report the case. He said that his wife disappeared at home in the early morning of July 5, and there was no news. According to family members, in addition to the missing ladys suspender pajamas, the ladys mobile phone, wallet and bank card are all at home, and there is no feedback from relatives and friends. After a large number of searches by the police and family members in and around the community, no trace has been found.

Are you worried about finding your wife missing? The police asked.

Im not worried. Xu answered.

Later, Xu did receive some media interviews. In front of the camera, he was calm in tone and calm in expression, expressing concern about his wifes life at home after he left. He said: she cant go out alone if she goes out, she cant go out alone with her IQ, when can my wife come back?.

On the 23rd, after the police circular was issued, some people found Xus previous media interview, and the topic of he was too calm in the face of reporters appeared on the microblog.

The police washed and screened 38 vehicles of fecal water and found evidence, and the informant called for arrest the thief

A big living man disappeared out of thin air?

All kinds of signs show that this is not like a simple disappearance. As an old criminal police officer, I intuitively judge that there is a story in it. Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Jianggan District branch of the criminal investigation team police Tang Weiguo said.

In the face of Ms. Lais bizarre disappearance, combined with the various doubts emerging in the process of investigation, Hangzhou police began to race with the truth in 21 days from her family reported missing to the police holding a press conference.

Six unit buildings, 379 families and 1075 households were interviewed and inquired, and the activities in key periods were recorded in detail;

By focusing on the family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, friends and other relations of the lost personnel, the paper describes and restores the familys life law, interpersonal relationship, life experience, activity track, financial status and so on.

When all the impossibilities are ruled out, although the special group has inspected the septic tank for many times, the focus of investigation is once again directed to the septic tank in the corridor of the incident by combining video investigation, interview investigation and analysis of big data of smart police.

(the septic tank is only tens of meters away from the unit building where Ms. Lai lives)

In the second marriage reorganization, the two sides have family conflicts due to property

What kind of person is Xu? What kind of family is this? What is the motive of killing?

In Hangzhou, a reporter from mammoth news? Oriental today news visited a large number of residents and community workers in the community, and learned about the information through various channels and sources such as the police. More and more details sketched out the whole picture of the family.

Some of the residents living in the same unit building as Ms. Lais family sometimes met each other frequently. They said that the three members of Ms. Lais family were old residents here, and her husband Xus family was from Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. After remarriage with Ms. Lai, they moved to Sanbao Beiyuan. An elderly aunt said that her impression of the lady was kind, beautiful and loving to raise flowers. It is widely recognized that the husband of the lady is not talkative and has seen him send his daughter to school. It is because of these impressions that we are shocked by his cruel killing of his wife and his attempt to conceal the truth.

After the incident, there was a voice praising that so and so worked in the community property, familiar with the monitoring blind area, etc., but the interviewed community property and residents denied it. The local police report on the 25th also confirmed this point - Xu, 55, registered in Hangzhou, was a driver of a company in Hangzhou before the crime. Since 1987, he has been engaged in fish meal and aquaculture business in many places inside and outside the province. In 2018, he worked in Hangzhou.

Ms. Lai, 51 years old, is a cleaner of a company in Hangzhou.

The couple remarried in 2008 and lived together in Jianggan District, Hangzhou before the crime.

There are also voices that Ms Lai is missing or related to the real estate under her name. She has a set of demolished houses, and later she gets two sets of resettlement houses. Later, this information was further developed as follows: Ms. Lais husband asked her to transfer one of the apartments to her former son as a wedding room, but Ms. Lai refused.

(I cant see the notice of looking for someone in the apartment building where I live.)

In this regard, the reporter of mammoth news? Dongfang today news asked the staff of Sanbao community of Sijiqing Street office for confirmation. One of the staff said that according to the information they had, there were two sets of return houses in the ladys house, one of which was in Sanbao North Garden, not three. Ms. Lai retired. I dont know if she has a part-time job. Their family has not been to the community to do anything recently

Through the community staff, the reporter also got a little confirmation that Ms. Lai and Xu were married and reorganized. Ms. Lai gave birth to the eldest daughter with her first husband and the second daughter with the second husband.

In the view of the residents interviewed, Ms. Lai and Xu at least seem to be in love with each other, and there is no contradiction, but the rift may have been breeding behind the marriage. According to the official police circular, Xus motive was family conflict.

The reporter also learned from other sources that Xu admitted to have personality defects and repeatedly asked his wife to borrow money to speculate in stocks. In addition, he did not agree on the decoration of the house to move back. Multiple factors led to dissatisfaction. In the early morning of July 5, he killed him while he was sleeping at home, and scattered his body after dismembering.

As for whether Xu has asked to come to the lady to transfer the house to her former son, relatives of both parties have not been contacted to confirm.

The sad case has come to an end, but the pain to the family is far from over.

Who will take care of the ladys little daughter? How can a child come out of the shadow of his father killing his mother? How can the other children of both sides forget all this?

I dont know if Xu will regret it or not. Back to the early morning of July 5, 2020, everything will start again.

(passers-by will look up at the building)

Homicide cases caused by love and marriage problems are not isolated cases

According to the public reports of China judicial document network and media, homicide cases caused by love and marriage problems are not uncommon.

In 2014, Yanan, Shaanxi Province. Gao Buyuan cut his wife to death with a kitchen knife in public places because of the conflict between marriage and family. The charges charged by the public prosecution are found.

Nanjing, 2013. Ji Xingpeng went home at 4:00 a.m. and was full of alcohol. He had a conflict with his wife Qi Kexin. His wife was cut more than 20 times and died after rescue.

There are also domestic violence caused by love and marriage problems.

(most of the old people and children live in this community.)

The core of all character conflicts and property disputes is the lack of love.

Why is it easy to cause tragedy when there are problems in love and marriage? How to avoid injury?

Zhang Ming, a well-known emotional program host and national second-class psychological counselor, said in an interview with Oriental today news that the tragedy caused by marriage and love problems can be summarized as the lack of trust, deepening cracks, no way to resolve contradictions, and nearly spiritual collapse.

We dont want to believe that people who share a bed sometimes fight each other, but we should understand that people who share a bed may have different dreams. People who share a bed with each other may get disappointment after hope and disappointment over and over again because of the depth of love, responsibility and hatred. When you cant imagine how terrible a persons despair is, you cant understand why they fight with their lives!

Zhang Ming believes that in order to avoid or reduce this kind of tragedy, the premise is that husband and wife should establish enough trust, and the principle of trust is to be frank with each other and communicate with each other in time. It is impossible to live without contradictions and misunderstandings. The terrible thing is to ignore contradictions and not to explain misunderstandings in the face of contradictions. The accumulated resentment is deep, as if a person is dying of disease.

In fact, there are rules and rules for happiness. Its just that people destroy our bottom line and principle of dealing with people and affairs one after another in the subconscious of self-centered, which makes us throw ourselves into the abyss of family pain step by step.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The core of all personality conflicts and property disputes is the lack of love. The root of all family happiness lies in love and tolerance. To sum up, it is the basic law and underlying logic of happiness to constantly discover the other partys advantages and ignore his shortcomings. Zhang Ming said. What he wants to say is, dont complain about the cloudy day because of the dark clouds. As long as you manage with your heart, happiness will be around you.

What he wants to say is, dont complain about the cloudy day because of the dark clouds. As long as you manage with your heart, happiness will be around you.

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Original statement, this article is an exclusive original, without formal authorization from mammoth news, and declined to be reproduced in any form by any media website, client and WeChat official account. Violators must be investigated for their legal responsibilities. Support original, welcome friends circle to forward.