The longest live broadcast of All Star Idol academy by womens League in history

 The longest live broadcast of All Star Idol academy by womens League in history

It is reported that through the combination of member consumption and idol cultivation, All Star Idol College not only creates new rights and interests for idol fans, but also creates a new entertainment marketing method that integrates consumer rights and interests into online variety shows. After the launch of the top 32 on August 10, as an important part of the program competition system, the voting channel of Le card app will be officially opened Some students will canvass openly and call on fans to help them hand in a satisfactory answer.

Compared with the traditional variety shows, the students of All Star Idol College are not specialized entertainment companies to train students, but are composed of college students and plain girls. The program lasts for three months, including 57 live days, 18 live variety shows, and after the opening of the top 64, each contestant still needs to complete 20 hours of broadcast per week.

During the whole live broadcast of the program, the students will receive the relevant tasks of the Leka app. In daily rehearsals, outdoor song and dance performances or in-house talk variety shows, the students can enjoy the program and watch the live broadcast. At the same time, they can enjoy 10% off of Kings glory, 40% off of mango TV members, 7.5% discount of Starbucks cash coupon, half price of five-star hotel afternoon tea and free enjoyment of Asia Gold card and other members living privileges in Duo Hotel.

According to the statistics of the white paper on Idol industry and fan economy in 2019, by 2020, the total scale of Chinas idol market will reach 100 billion yuan. Young consumers are more willing to pay a premium for the same money of stars. Among them, buying star endorsement products is the favorite choice for idol fans.

LecA is Lexinuff08 NASDAQ:LX uff09Its membership based consumer service app, with member consumption and local life as its core, recommends exclusive preferential rights and interests such as music, film, catering, games, supermarkets, and car refueling that are most suitable for their current scene through the service system created by leading technology, based on the identity, interest, consumption preference and location of users, so that consumers can enjoy more with less money Good service. According to the statistics of consumption amount and frequency of users, each member of Le card is expected to save nearly 3000 yuan per year, equivalent to the cost of a medium and high-end 5g mobile phone.

At present, there are a number of online giants such as Tencent, Netease, meituan and other online giants as well as offline overlords such as Wal Mart, Watsons and cotton era. In addition, Leka will also deeply explore the local consumption around urban business districts, communities and office buildings. In order to make users spend more money, Le card app provides diversified and personalized member services for different consumer groups, and has launched more than 200 brand rights and interests, including the highest 80% cash back of pinduoduo super value shopping zone, 8.8% discount of national wanjiashang supermarket, Costa, 72 Street co branded membership card, covering fresh food, shopping, travel, video games, reading and learning Online and offline consumption scenarios of 8 major categories and 28 sub categories, including Xian and e-commerce zones.