Modi strongly warned Pakistan that what he said was for China?

 Modi strongly warned Pakistan that what he said was for China?

On the same day, the times of India used this provocative headline, saying that modi recalled Indias victory over Pakistan on the iceberg 21 years ago, but his message seemed to be aimed at China.

Times of India reported: is the prime ministers tough remarks on Pakistan a hint to China?

Based on the reports of the times of India and the print, modi mentioned in his speech that day that Pakistan had slandered India behind his back, trying to steal land and diverting peoples attention to its internal affairs when India tried to improve the relations between the two countries.

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When the times of India reported modis statement on the 26th, it provocatively wrote:

The degree of similarity between Pakistans betrayal described by modi and Chinas aggression along the border of the two countries is astonishing, although he did not mention China once in his speech..

In addition, the times of India noted that modi also called Pakistan an incurable enemy, forcibly harming everyone, even those who tried to help them. The newspaper said directly that the description seemed to apply to China as well.

It is worth noting that the publication of this article by the Indian media comes after the recent conflict in the calewan Valley in the western section of the Sino Indian border has aroused concern. In June, Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, stressed that, first of all, it was the Indian border forces who illegally crossed the line. The actual control line of the western section of the Sino Indian border is clear. The gallewan River Valley is located on the Chinese side of the actual control line. The Chinese border defense forces have been patrolling here and are very clear about the local control situation. Secondly, the Indian side violated the consensus of both sides and provoked first. Third, the Indian side violated international rules and attacked first.

According to previous media reports, on May 26, 1999, India dispatched a large number of fighter planes and helicopter gunships to carry out two violent air strikes against a large number of Pakistani infiltrators in Kashmir and Dallas. This is the first time India has used its air force against such infiltrators. On the same day, Pakistan claimed that several bombs fell on Pakistans side of the Kashmir line of control, and while calling on India to exercise restraint, it reserves the right to take all appropriate means to retaliate..

In this conflict, Pakistans infiltrators have the advantage of geographical advantage, which is more than 5000 meters high, while the Indian army is stationed at the foot of the mountain. Therefore, since the conflict between the two sides on May 6, India has suffered a lot of casualties. On June 12, the Indian army launched an attack on tutuling, which finally achieved success, marking that the Indian army finally won the victory of the kagir conflict.

The Chinese and Indian armies have disengaged from contact in three regions and the Indian side has conveyed a strong message

The Hindustan Times quoted a source as saying that the diplomatic and military dialogue between China and India is ongoing, and the troops of the two sides have completed their disengagement in the garwan Valley, Kiam hot spring and goguera.

China and India held the 17th meeting of the consultation and coordination mechanism on border affairs last Friday, the report said. In a statement issued after the meeting, Indias foreign ministry said the two sides jointly reviewed the situation in the border area between China and India and the process of the two armies disengagement along the actual control line in the West. Both sides agreed that complete disengagement should be achieved as soon as possible in accordance with bilateral agreements and agreements, so as to cool down the situation and restore peace and tranquility in the border areas in an all-round way. An anonymous person familiar with the situation said that India conveyed a strong message to the Chinese side during the meeting and asked the Chinese side to fulfill its commitment to withdraw troops at all the confrontation sites along the actual control line of the two sides.

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