Xinhua News Agency: the United States is doomed to make a futile attempt to piece together the Anti China crusade

 Xinhua News Agency: the United States is doomed to make a futile attempt to piece together the Anti China crusade

On April 22, in Washington, the United States, Secretary of state pompeio spoke at a press conference. Photo by Liu Jie, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Behind the Chinese hysteria, there are political calculations to blame for failing to deal with the epidemic situation, the partisan self-interest of showing strength to reverse the decline of the election campaign, the sinister intention to pressure and set a tone for the future China policy, the dark psychology of not seeing the success of Chinas anti epidemic, and more importantly, the strategic plan of suppressing China and safeguarding the absolute hegemony of the United States driven by ideological and formal prejudice. After the outbreak test, China successfully controlled the epidemic in a short period of time. After the epidemic, Chinas economy recovered steadily and scored continuously in the aspects of governance ability and international morality. This has exacerbated the anxiety of the American hawks. They provoked the international community to choose the frontier and stand in line to launch a new crusade against China. However, such actions against the times and unpopular are doomed to be futile.

They overestimate themselves. Today, the United States, abandoning multilateralism, internationalism and free trade, carries out unilateralism, protectionism and bullying diplomacy, completely ignores international law and norms of international relations, and its actions are unpopular. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the United States has not sought international cooperation, but selfishly or even hit the bottom of the well to promote the so-called industrial return; instead of supporting international organizations, it has withdrawn funds from who and slandered the WTO, which has plunged global governance into unprecedented difficulties. Its international reputation and moral account has already been in serious deficit. In such a United States, which country with conscience and independent spirit really wants to be with it?! Most European people have lost their trust in the United States after the outbreak of the new crown and the anti racism riots, the guardian said.

They misjudged China. Adhering to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the key to Chinas achievements today. It is the choice of history and the choice of the people. It has also been proved to be the correct choice by practice. It is impossible for China to become another United States. The so-called transformation of China is just some peoples wishful thinking. China has no intention of challenging or replacing the United States or confronting the United States in an all-round way. It is Chinas consistent pursuit to improve the well-being of its own people, realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and maintain world peace and stability. A small number of us politicians provoked the new cold war against China based on ideological prejudice, which is totally groundless strategic misjudgment.

Today, Chinas economic openness continues to expand and win with the world. For many years in a row, China has contributed more than 30% to world economic growth and more than 70% to global poverty reduction. In the face of the epidemic, China launched the largest global emergency humanitarian action in history. It promised to provide us $2 billion in international anti epidemic assistance within two years, take the new crown vaccine developed by China as a global public product, increase support for African countries in anti epidemic, and actively provide more public goods for the international community to cope with the crisis. In such a China, which country with conscience and independent spirit is not willing to cooperate with it? The US consumer news and business channel believes that China has established a better image in the global fight against the epidemic, and has made more countries willing to stand on Chinas side.

The world under the impact of a century of changes is at the crossroads of where to go. It is up to the world to piece together a small circle of self-respect to suppress opponents, or to build a community of common destiny for mankind. Who is on the right side of history. Sino US relations are of vital importance to world peace and development. The lessons of history are worth remembering. The US side should avoid choosing the wrong opponent for a wrong confrontation. Building an objective and calm understanding of China and formulating a rational and pragmatic China policy are in line with the fundamental interests of the people of China and the United States and the expectations of all countries in the world.