The love song of the first love is scheduled to be released on August 7, becoming the first batch of films to return to work

 The love song of the first love is scheduled to be released on August 7, becoming the first batch of films to return to work

The film love song of first love is set in Dublin in the 1980s. Due to family economic factors, 14-year-old Connor transferred to a church high school with strict school rules. On the new campus, Connor was bullied and insulted by his teachers and classmates. One day, Connor met a beautiful girl, leifna. In order to attract her attention, he and his friends who love music formed a singing band. In the pursuit of music dream and love, he finally realized the transformation of self cognition and self growth.

After the hit film meet you in New York again, director John Carney has gained numerous fans attention. As the closing work of his music Trilogy, the love song of first love focuses on the hot topic of youth and the growth of young people. Through the warm and moving plot and bright and light rhythm, John Carney slowly tells the cruelty of youth and the beauty of fairy tale, which arouses the youth resonance of countless audiences. Another highlight of this film is music. All the stories in the film are unfolded in one piece of music. The music enables young Connor to find his own life path and perfectly conveys the concept of music saves the world in John Carneys film. The whole film has a perfect real and romantic connotation. It is worth mentioning that the heroine rephina is played by Lucy Baotong, the heroine of Bohemian Rhapsody. How she will interpret the modern girls in the 1980s is very much expected.

John Carney not only applied his music and campus experience to the film, but also edited and directed the film in his hometown of Ireland. On the one hand, he tells stories of youth with music, paying homage to the rock music of the 1980s; on the other hand, he uses the youth stories of the 1980s to infect the audience, telling people that life is happiness and sadness, stimulating peoples enthusiasm for dreams and love, and opening up the romantic and hot side of peoples hearts.

Love song of first love is the fourth work of art life series music season of all China Art Federation. It is not only a beautiful and dynamic music film, but also a romantic youth film full of courage and moving. It shows us all kinds of fragments of youth with music - the family on the verge of breaking, the shyness and sweetness of first love, the persistence and fearless pursuit of teenagers It is reported that the film has won the Golden Globe Award for best music and drama film, and the National Review Association Award for top 10 independent films. So far, the film has scored 8.2 points in Douban, and the freshness of rotten tomatoes has reached 95%.

The love song of first love, which is brought to you by the all China Federation of Arts, will be shared and shown in all theaters.