Taiwan media exposure TSMC security measures: paper also buried metal wire to prevent being taken out of the factory area

 Taiwan media exposure TSMC security measures: paper also buried metal wire to prevent being taken out of the factory area

According to Taiwan media, there is a mysterious Area 51 in TSMCs Longtan sealing and testing plant, which cant be said to the public, and its confidentiality is tight.

Mysterious Area 51 mainly develops products for American companies. The confidentiality clauses signed by the participating manufacturers are not only the two parties, but even as many as five parties, striving to achieve information security and strict supply chain management.

The bamboo practitioners who had been in and out of the zone revealed that they would not have horizontal or cross domain situations by participating in the R & D plan of mysterious Area 51 and adopting vertical single line operation.

According to Taiwan media, TSMCs management of suppliers is also very accurate. If the supplier of factory a is located, they can only move in the location of area a where their machines are located. If they wander to the areas where they should not appear, the radio frequency identification chip (RFID) on the dust-free clothes of the staff will work.

TSMC employees are not allowed to use smart phones with photo taking and memory cards in the factory, and the company will distribute functional mobile phones instead. Visitors from other places must also deposit their smartphones at the reception counter.

If someone accidentally brings a smart phone into the factory and is found by the metal detector door, the employee will be deducted from the performance bonus; the supplier is required to leave the factory directly and not to enter.

In order to prevent the leakage of secrets, the paper in TSMCs R & D center is also buried with metal wires. If someone wants to carry the paper in the factory area without permission, an alarm will be given when passing through the metal detection door. In addition, the vigilance of mysterious Area 51 is even greater than that of the general plant area.

TSMC, founded in 1987, is the worlds largest foundry semiconductor manufacturer with customers including apple, Qualcomm, etc. Its headquarters are located in the Hsinchu Science Industrial Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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