About 40percent of ant employees: Ma Yuns implementation of caisanrenju is unambiguous

 About 40percent of ant employees: Ma Yuns implementation of caisanrenju is unambiguous

On the afternoon of July 20th, the Alipay parent company ant group announced that it would launch a plan to synchronously issue and publish on the Shanghai stock exchange, KPC and The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limiteds main board, in order to further support the digital upgrading of service industry, expand domestic demand, strengthen global cooperation to help global sustainable development, and support companies to increase R & D and innovation in technology.

After the news came out and was confirmed, the jokes and envious jokes were boiling in the Internet circle: its said that the ants have just cheered the whole floor, which is the sound of wealth and freedom. Subsequently, both the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange welcomed the listing of ant group. Netizens also sent congratulatory messages in the circle of friends, go rich and noble, dont forget each other and I hold the legs of ants little partners tightly.

The above-mentioned employees said that even if there are many employees with tens of millions in non listed companies, the number of listed companies will increase geometrically in the future. As a result, the employee stock ownership plan of ant group has become a mysterious link for the outside world to pry into this rich platform.

P7 deconstruction of ESOP

Three years ago, the value of ants was only $60 billion, and now it has reached $160 billion. It is really unimaginable for traditional industries to double the value in such a short time. Mr. Ma (Ma Yun) is not at all vague in implementing his famous saying gathering rich and scattered people. The proportion of employees holding shares in ants is about 40%, excluding senior executives. A person familiar with ant group said.

The 21st century economic report reporter consulted qixinbao and found that ant group currently has 32 shareholders, of which Alibaba ranks first with 33% shareholding ratio. The two shareholding plans of Ali and ant employees, Jun Han and Jun Ao, respectively, hold 28.45% and 21.53% of the shares respectively, and the three groups jointly hold nearly 83% of the shares. Junhan mainly provides equity incentive to Alibaba employees, while junao supports the employees of ant group and links the valuation of ant group.

Jing Xiandong, chairman of ant group, said, listing can make us more transparent to the world and the public, gather more like-minded people, and at the same time, we will better share our achievements and future with the whole society. We will always spare no effort to innovate for our customers, create for the society, solve problems for the future, and be a good company that can live for 102 years.

According to public reports, ant group is currently estimated to be about $160 billion, making it the worlds largest financial services Unicorn company. In June 22nd, the Alipay parent ant group officially changed its name to the ant technology group. This renamed not only changed financial services to technology, but also removed the regional characteristics of Zhejiang and expanded the scope of its business. For the change of name, ant group said that the new name means that we will fully serve the needs of social and economic digital upgrading.

It is understood that, for example, an employee of ant P7 holds an average of 30000 to 40000 shares. Even if it is not listed, according to the current share price of internal shares, his wealth is about 10 million. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the wealth.

Firstly, the number of shares is related to the level, and also to the working years. Of course, the longer the working years are, the more shares are held. Before that, when the company was just established, it gave generous incentives to employees, but the stocks at that time were also relatively cheap. Now that the stock is continuously increasing in value, the number of incentives will be reduced accordingly. For example, the same incentive of 1 million yuan, the initial stock price was 100 yuan, that is, 10000 shares need to be stimulated. Now if the stock rises to 200 yuan, only 5000 shares can be achieved. If they were the old employees who joined the ants at the beginning, they would be basically free in finance now. A familiar ant insider Chen Xiang (pseudonym) told reporters.

The details of wealth increase and loss by the employees leaving the company

According to the 21st century economic report, the salary system of ants is generally divided into two parts: one is a fixed salary, and the other is equity. New employees rely on fixed salary, while old employees rely on equity.

If the new employees reach P7 level, they will be divided into shares. After that, they will be allocated according to their performance and performance appraisal every year.

Chen Xiang told reporters that the salary of Internet companies is discussed by one person, such as the same P7 level, and the actual salary of two people may differ a lot. In addition, the situation of salary inversion often exists. For example, a new employee may have a relatively shallow qualification and a low rank, but he has strong ability and great contribution, so his salary will be reflected accordingly.

On the one hand, the carnival of on-the-job staff, on the other hand, the desolation of the resigned personnel.

The day before yesterday, when I heard the news that ants were going to be listed, I had mixed feelings. Although I wanted to open up a little bit, after all, it was all real gold and silver. If I held on to it for another year, my fortune would certainly go up a great step. Du Hong (pseudonym), an employee leaving the company, told reporters. He just left the job half a year ago for family reasons.

When Du Hong left his job, the company bought back all his shares. Before that, he had worked in ants for nearly four years.

He told reporters frankly that in the past few years of ants, he really realized what wind speed is, and the growth speed of enterprises on the tuyere is really frightening. But on the other hand, the staffs dedication and sacrifice are extraordinary. We have employees who are away from home and take the latest flight every Friday and the first flight back every Monday. These days have lasted for several years, so I sincerely wish those people who are still here to get what they deserve.

However, Du Hong exaggerates the rumors about 50 million people per capita. First of all, according to the relevant regulations, the number of shareholders of a non listed company shall not exceed 200, and the number of ant employees must exceed this number. Therefore, for the sake of compliance, the shares are all hung in a virtual account and held by a staff representative. At that time, it is not known whether the shares will be repurchased at a certain price or unlocked according to the share price after listing. Rich is sure to be rich, but certainly not the kind of online legend

(author: ye maisui, editor: Li Yilin)

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