Pingluo, Ningxia: more Internet celebrities in immigrant villages

 Pingluo, Ningxia: more Internet celebrities in immigrant villages

In less than four months after becoming an Internet anchor from a rural woman, Ma Rui has become a online celebrity with a strong ability to carry goods in miaomiohu village.

Welcome to my studio, pure hand-made fabric, like to come in and have a look! Ma Rui sits at home with colorful wool in front of her. She enthusiastically teaches fans how to weave hats, shoes, flowers and other accessories to her mobile phone. Ma Rui just started, every month live with goods income of more than 2000 yuan. She said: I dont worry about selling at all. I just worry about my slow hand and regret playing late.

Miaomiohu village is located in Taole Town, Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Ningxia. It is a centralized resettlement area for ecological immigrants in Ningxia. More than 7000 poor people have moved from Xihaigu area in Ningxia.

In 2015, Pingluo County was listed as the second batch of national e-commerce into rural demonstration counties. 95 administrative villages were selected to build rural e-commerce village level service stations, and miaomiohu village was selected.

At first, the villagers didnt believe that they could buy things online, let alone live with goods. Ma Jingzu, the person in charge of the e-commerce service station in miaomiohu village, said that at first, he patted his chest and promised the villagers, what do you want to buy, Ill put money in advance to place an order, and you can give me money when you see the goods. More than a year later, villagers are not only used to online shopping, but also actively try to sell local desert melon and other special agricultural products online.

In March this year, Pingluo County implemented the rural e-commerce dream building tutor program, which provided free live e-commerce training, incubation and employment guidance for farmers and small businesses. Miaomiohu village e-commerce service station seized this opportunity to open a live training class and upgraded from a express delivery point to a online celebrity incubation center.

It is not easy to train farmers into network anchors. The first thing to overcome is psychological barriers. Like many women in the southern mountain area, Ma Rui is skillful and likes to weave some small articles to supplement the family after working. However, she is conservative and always thinks that it is not good for girls to show up in public.

Encouraged by Ma Jingzu, Ma Rui tried the first live broadcast. Although she was too shy to say anything, she didnt expect to sell 78 or 80 pieces in the first live broadcast, which was more than her stall for a month. Ma Rui is very excited. Under the advice of the e-commerce tutor, she publishes knitting teaching videos from time to time, which has increased many fans.

Nowadays, in miaomiohu village, mobile phones have become new farm tools, and live broadcasting has become a new farm work, while Ma Jingzu has become the agent of the villages Internet Celebrities. When he has nothing to do, he goes from house to house to find suitable candidates. After just a few months of training, miaomiohu village has more than 20 network anchors.

Miaomiohu village e-commerce service station also organizes a routine centralized live broadcast once a month. After the live broadcast, villagers carry out business exchange to bring the old with the new, and discuss how to increase flour and sell goods. Its just started and the sales are not high, but I believe that live e-commerce will become a new weapon for villagers to increase their income. Ma Jingzu said.