CCTV reveals the truth: US unilateral provocation is extremely stupid

 CCTV reveals the truth: US unilateral provocation is extremely stupid

A screenshot of NBC Report

On July 25, NBC published a long article criticizing pompeios speech on China as intensifying contradictions, intending to provoke a new cold war, condemning the US government for wantonly launching conflicts with China, and asking why the US government is indifferent to and blind to the potential dangers brought about by it?

The article said that the United States suddenly ordered the closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, putting bilateral relations into a more dangerous situation. Because the sudden closure of consulates of other countries is a manifestation of the release of hostility, which will not only have a significant impact on the two countries at the diplomatic level, but also hinder the daily work of consulates on business and education.

How can the ruling class in the United States turn a blind eye to danger? How can such indifference to the risks of Chinas escalation? Under the background of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the continuous domestic protests and the economic recession, how can the United States government have no voice of opposition to the conflicts among the major powers?

It is reported that both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are arguing for the title of the toughest hawk faction against China. The article criticizes that the political atmosphere of disunity, instability and no benefit to anyone is worrying. The United States needs to make a more realistic assessment of its own strength and the risks of further escalating tensions with China, rather than cutting off diplomatic relations directly. The United States needs to pay more attention to maintaining diplomatic relations, keeping diplomatic channels active, and ending trade frictions that damage the interests of ordinary people of the two countries.

According to the article, U.S. policy makers must admit that U.S. military forces are acceptable for self-defense, and cannot be used to reshape the world, let alone interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. In the Middle East and North Africa, the United States has been in war for 20 years. It has paid a lot of life, money and civil liberties, but has received little in return. Now, the United States unilaterally asked China to close its Consulate in Houston, provoked China, and launched a conflict with China. This behavior is extremely stupid!

Pompeio sends out ideological roar

NBCs article also criticizes the cold war thinking revealed in pompeios China related policy speech. According to the article, pompeios speech is another incident that has worsened Sino US relations. Pompeio envisages taking a more aggressive attitude towards China, deliberately creating ideological opposition and opposing communism, so as to promote the development of the United States. Although he denies that the United States intends to unilaterally provoke the new cold war, it can be seen from the comparison between China and the Soviet Union in his remarks and the recent series of increasingly severe crackdowns on China launched by the United States.

On the 24th, a former senior US diplomat in charge of Asian Affairs said that pompeios attack on China was a kind of angry lament and ideological roar, according to CNBC.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman: the United States completely violates the values it preaches in the international community

In addition to China, the United States has closed consulates of other countries in recent years, and Russia was also challenged by the United States in 2017. In August 2017, the United States asked Russia to close its Consulate in San Francisco and two offices in Washington and New York. Russia has firmly expressed its position on the issue of the United States asking China to close its Consulate General in Houston.