Under the white clouds spot show ends with the support of Tian Zhuangzhuang and Wang Xiaoshuai

 Under the white clouds spot show ends with the support of Tian Zhuangzhuang and Wang Xiaoshuai

Si qingaowa remembers directors wife with tears

With the return to work of Beijing Film City, the film under the white clouds, which is supported by the international A-class Film Festival Award, undoubtedly makes many fans look forward to it. On the spot, accompanied by the beautiful grassland customs, the film brings the double collision of vision and soul for the audience, and gains a lot of praise. The Golden Rooster hundred flowers golden statue award Grand Slam movie queen after watching the film, she couldnt help but shed tears on the scene. She said that she and the directors wife were good friends. She was very moved to see the subtitles that director Wang Rui dedicated to his late wife. In fact, there is also a story about commitment by director Wang Rui behind the work which has gone through more than ten years. Many years ago, his wife always wanted him to make a work that he really wanted to shoot and recommended the script. Director Wang Rui liked it very much, but it was not made for various reasons. After his wife died of illness, under the clouds became his most wanted work.

Talking about the evaluation of under the white clouds, she praised: this film is so wonderful, accurate and profound! I think it can be used as No.1 in Chinese films in recent ten years. Famous actress Na Renhua also praised: this is the best film I have ever seen reflecting the reality of Inner Mongolia. From the perspective of environmental protection, we are faced with profound challenges, including the impact of environmental protection

Tian Zhuangzhuang and Wang Xiaoshuai form an alumni group to assist

Director Wang Xiaoshuai, a classmate of director Wang Rui, said that he could not imagine that Wang Rui could have such patience to complete such a film in such a busy teaching situation. I was very shocked, and the effect of the film was so good and moving, he said. Wang Rui is not a Mongolian, but he can completely enter the life of the Mongolian people. After watching, we are very excited. Its very difficult to master the beauty of shooting, scene scheduling, climate and emotion in this play. The actors scheduling is very beautiful. Were going to Amway for you

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