Tang Jili appeared on Chinese film night with the film pioneer

 Tang Jili appeared on Chinese film night with the film pioneer

Jackie Chan falls into danger of falling into water

The director revealed on the scene that pioneer is the most difficult film to shoot, the largest number of countries to view, the most flaming action scenes, but the shortest time-consuming film since its inception. The short four most contains a huge amount of information. Tang said that the mature development of Chinas film industry has made the film preparation faster and better. As can be seen from the materials sent before, the film the vanguard used large-scale props such as aircraft carrier sports cars to shoot, and traveled to London, the Middle East, Africa, Dubai and other places. The action scenes of waterfall flying car and close combat were very exciting. The actors went to the battle in person. Jackie Chan has been on the front line for 60 years, presenting the audience with big productions and big scenes Chinese action blockbusters.

When talking about his old partner Jackie Chan, director Tang Jili said that he loved him very much. A gag on the spot reveals Jackie Chans thrilling scene when he fell into the water. During the shooting process, Jackie Chan and his mother qimiya rode together in a motorboat. Unexpectedly, they hit a huge stone in the water and capsized in an instant. For a time, they were not seen in the picture, and Tang Dao was scared to cry and his eyes were red. After being rescued ashore, Jackie Chan continued to comfort the staff and directors, showing the hard work of film and television practitioners.

As the ninth work of director Tang and Jackie Chans cooperation, pioneer still adheres to the Dragon style style style of laughing while laughing, nervous when laughing. The director expects vanguard to become an international action film brand and sighs: we should make the Chinese story a super action blockbuster for the world to see!

Movie recommendation official Weiya appeared in surprise and recommended the work pioneer by Jackie Chan. To the audience strong Amway: there are a lot of action plays in the film, there are cool special effects, and global view can take you around the world. Praise the film: there are laughter, tears and excitement. The host, Nigel Maiti, used the word rescue as the title of the film, praising in difficult times, the vanguard is the rescue team of Chinese films. On the spot, mu qimiya, Yang Jianping, Wang Yanlong and Wang Ju summed up their feelings of acting in pioneer with the keywords of spell, Shuang and praise. Mother qimiya confesses the truth to the audience: we do not spell, the audience does not believe. Yang Jianping, on the other hand, said that the drama was very enjoyable and believed that the film would also make the audience enjoy it.

Young actors, such as mu qimiya, performed such wonderful actions as blindfold boxing and handsome flying kick on the spot, showing their professional skills, which made the audience more addicted. Mu qimiya, Yang Jianping and Wang Yanlong are fluent and valiant. They combine strength and beauty perfectly, and show the determination of fighting to the end in pioneer. Tang expressed the hope that in this extraordinary year, pioneer can bring inspiration and strength to the audience, so that everyone can keep up their spirits and continue to fight.

Directed by Tang Jili, the film is starring Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Alan, Xu Ruohan and mu qimiya, and is specially invited to play Zhu Zhengting, Yang Jianping, Zhou Bin, Wang Yanlong and Wang Ju.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020