Sonik the hedgehog makes his debut in mainland China

 Sonik the hedgehog makes his debut in mainland China

Soniks debut

In the preview of the exposure, sonics home, a beautiful island isolated from the world, was shown to the audience for the first time. At the beginning of the preview, a blue lightning comes and goes, and soniks vitality shows up in his childhood. He takes every landscape on the island as his own track, carefree and heartily running, showing his cool super ability of speed running, rolling and so on. After a cool run, sonic baby stands shyly in the cabin holding a sunflower high. With a hairy body, a small pocket fist and innocent big eyes, the image of a sunny little blue child immediately sprouts up. In the poster released at the same time, sonic baby is sitting quietly with pure and clear eyes. It is worth mentioning that many details in the preview and poster of this exposure show the faithful restoration of the film to the game. Sonik home islands green jungle, everywhere the track and the landmark big circle, all can make a second to experience the intimacy of returning to the game world. Dr. egg heads exaggerated curly beard, often wearing overhead goggles and a classic red suit will also reproduce the image of the game on the screen.

Kim Carreys debut in mainland China

Previously, Sonic the hedgehog has won an amazing reputation and box office in the world, setting a new record in the box office of game adapted films in North America. Meanwhile, it has been recognized by the A-level evaluation given by cinemascore, an authoritative market research institution. The second film in the series is also chasing after the success, and it is officially put on file in North America on April 8, 2022. In addition to the charisma of sonic boy, this achievement is also closely related to Kim Carreys wonderful performance. In the preview, he plays Dr. egg head with exaggerated modeling and action, accompanied by frequent hysteria and rage, showing an unpredictable and fresh villain image.

Sonik the hedgehog, a Hollywood animated movie produced by Paramount Pictures and adapted from a world-famous game, will be launched on July 31 and is now on sale.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020