The first screening of the selected work good luck and good luck by Dapeng Jinjue Award

 The first screening of the selected work good luck and good luck by Dapeng Jinjue Award

A four-year film experiment

The film auspicious luck is the first realistic feature film directed by Dapeng. The story tells the story of a comedy director who returns to his hometown in Northeast China to make a film about how the family celebrate the new year. As a result, they encounter a series of accidents. The family members who gathered together because of the film finished the final party.

At the premiere, director Dapeng shared the idea and creation process of the film: in the gap between looking for a shooting site for sewing machine band in 2016, Dapeng returned to his hometown of Jian and met his most concerned grandmother. When he saw a photo wall full of family group photos in his grandmothers house, Dapeng could not help feeling the passing of time and produced a play called grandma The idea of love film.

Dapeng, who grew up with her grandmother since childhood, not only has deep feelings for her, but also knows that the big rural family with Grandma as the core relies on her, especially the third uncle Wang Jixiang, who is unable to take care of herself due to illness in middle age. The idea of this feature film came from this. At that time, Dapeng wanted to record his grandmothers new years party, and asked actor Liu Lu to join the party as a family member. Therefore, Liu Lu went to his grandmothers home to get along with his family before the director. From the very beginning, Dapeng was determined to shoot a feature film with actors but no plot design. In such a special form, Dapeng captured the will of heaven.

Director Dapengs personal image and perception

After the film auspicious luck premiere, the audience response is extremely warm. Some people are surprised by the experimental and unique expression and narrative structure of the film, while others are moved by the sincere and simple feelings in the story. At the premiere, a fan said to the director, thank you very much for shooting such a story, because this story let me see my family and my memory of my family, and the audience said, the first big screen movie in 2020.. Its worth it. Im homesick. When it comes to the authors intention behind good luck and good luck, director Dapeng sincerely responded, if I have to summarize what I have expressed in good luck and good luck , then it is to often go home and have a look.

Chen Zhixi, a producer who has cooperated with Dapeng for several times, also revealed the special significance of good luck to the director. He always took the film materials with him, but he had to stop several times during the process. Because these materials are not only the content of the film, but also his own experience. This heavy personal emotion comes from a series of accidents during the shooting of the film. One of the most important is that before the official shooting began, Dapengs grandmother was admitted to the hospital, and her condition deteriorated rapidly. Finally, grandmas death not only changed Dapengs original shooting plan as a director, but also made the child who grew up with grandma feel the pain of losing his close relatives. The members of the northeast family also ushered in a conflict on the night of the first lunar New Years Eve after the loss of the elderly. Good luck and good luck in this cut constantly, but also disorderly family feelings, so that many watching the film have a resonance, triggered everyones thinking about the family.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020