Van diesel, the best tech fighter

 Van diesel, the best tech fighter

Todays film released the super combat power special, in-depth interpretation of the film by Van diesel led by a team of the most powerful science and technology soldiers. In the film, the ordinary human body is transformed with the future high-tech, so as to create the story of soldiers with super ability, which brings the audience an unprecedented amazing impression on the big screen.

Van diesels super British upgrade breaks through comfort circle

The trooper tells the story of van diesels sacrifice of special forces ray, with the help of powerful technological means, to be reborn or even immortal. This kind of setting that ordinary people are made into heroes under special circumstances, with the unique gene of warrior cartoon different from other superheroes, also makes the story more human conflict, which is the most attractive reason for the starring star van diesel. This is my first superhero character on the big screen, which Ive never seen before. In Van diesels opinion, the bloodthirsty warrior is more complicated and difficult to understand than other superheroes, and it is a comprehensive upgrade of super Britain. I love the idea that this character has superpowers but has to contend with his own, says van diesel, who racked his brains on every detail to make the character more exciting.

Although he has played a variety of tough guy roles in a series of action movies such as speed and passion, extreme agent and so on, van diesel is still faced with great challenges. The bloody warrior in the film has the same bravery as his previous role, but at the same time his feelings are relatively fragile. He must completely break through the previous comfort circle to play this role well.

Fight amazes the audience: the special effect of the bloody warrior is very expensive

In the story of the trooper, the nano whole blood flowing through the body of special forces ray garrison played by Van diesel is a very unique new concept. In order to let the audience get into the story better and get more freshness, director Dave Wilson made full use of his unique talent and rich experience in the field of film visual effects. In addition to the nanorobot in the blood of the combatant soldier, the mechanical breathing equipment like heavy metal ventilator, bionic legs, and super powerful arms with external skeleton and external hanging are all shown with great sense of future science and technology in the film.

In addition to the fantasy level, director Dave Wilson wants to connect the cutting-edge special effects with the intense fighting scenes in the film more effectively. So Ill try to capture the actual action as much as possible, Wilson revealed. He arranged many hard core fighting and car chasing scenes in the film to give the film a more natural and grounded aesthetic taste. In the film, van diesels strength shows many exciting and difficult action scenes, such as picking up bombs with bare hands, PK with mechanical steel armour at high altitude, and the battle of fire exploding watch in narrow tunnel, which also leaves a deep impression on the audience.

The bloody warrior is produced by Columbia film company of the United States, starring van diesel, and co starring Elsa Gonzalez, Sam xiuhan, Toby Cabell, guy pierce and so on, and is currently on the hit.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020