Xu Xiyuan, Liu Yun, Xie Xingfang and Li AI join the second season of becoming a mother

 Xu Xiyuan, Liu Yun, Xie Xingfang and Li AI join the second season of becoming a mother

Xu Xiyuan, a guest in the first episode of the program, shares her work troubles, which may also be a common problem for working women of childbearing age. When Xu Xiyuan gave birth to a child, most of her job opportunities became middle-aged female characters, and she was even invited to play the role of Wangs mother. In the workplace, novice mothers will also face similar workplace bottlenecks, as if mother has become the limit of life roles. According to the survey report of the global mothers happiness index released in 2018, Chinas mothers ranked only 61 out of 160 countries.

Based on this, after becoming a mother focuses on showing the confusion and anxiety of Chinese women of childbearing age. By walking into the daily life of star mothers Xu Xiyuan, Liu Yun, Xie Xingfang, and Li AI, she records the real parenting life as the spokesperson of mothers. With the real story, the public can realize that mother does not need to be defined, and she can be anyone she wants to be.

Xu Xiyuans analysis of the course of her mind resonates

Since the beginning of her debut, Xu Xiyuan has appeared in front of the audience as a Princess. It seems that it will not happen to her to be a mother. Some fans commented that it is a pity that you choose to take care of your children at home when you have such good resources. But before the scene of becoming a mother, Xu Xiyuan, who is already a mother of two children, is extremely calm. Life is such a wonderful thing that suddenly I met a right person and got married, and then naturally gave birth to a child. As for becoming a mother, Xu Xiyuan said that every step of her life is her own choice. If she doesnt cater to the label and should be evaluated, she can be a hard core mom who can customize her life.

But in addition to being open-minded and cheerful, Xu Xiyuan also has her own small worries after becoming a mother. She traces back to the process of giving birth to two children. She said, it seems that I was born to be an artist, but Im not born to be a mother.. From the danger of having a second child when you suddenly lose breath, how to treat two children without partiality after birth, to the surprise of receiving childrens gifts and the future growth planning of children, every step needs careful consideration and consideration. The growth of a child is also the growth of a mother. Just as the saying goes, you are a child for the first time, and a mother is also a mother for the first time. These parenting experiences shared in the program have also aroused the resonance of many novice mothers.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020