The worlds first sports change owners? Hot girl 20 years old becomes top class netizen: I dont know how to explain to my wife

 The worlds first sports change owners? Hot girl 20 years old becomes top class netizen: I dont know how to explain to my wife

Although most of the NBA and NBA championship teams have been rebooted, none of them has been able to win the championship.

The official winning feature of Liverpool has less than 1 / 10 of the 2017 Italian womens indoor pole vault competition on YouTube. The broadcast volume of the wonderful moment clips of F1 Austria station is only 5 million, and 1 / 4 of pole vault.

Overnight, womens pole vault has become the top stream of YouTube sports video area, and netizens who come in by devious means complain: Although I dont know why it appears on my home page, I really finished watching it.

In the comments section, there is a saying that YouTube officials classified the videos as pornographic during the outbreak and labeled them hot 20-year-old girls with obvious guidance.

And the covers of these videos are all young and healthy bodies of the girls. Its hard not to let people think of it wrong. The netizens who click in for hot girls of 20 years old are satisfied and determined to become loyal fans of womens pole vault from today on; the crowd who dont know the truth said, its a kind of inexplicable pleasure.

After the pole vault burst into flames, the onlookers kept asking themselves: Why are you addicted to pole vault? People who like to hide themselves say, you and I all know that were not watching pole vault; the straightforward people leave a message: Damn, whats the difference between wearing this dress and not wearing it?

One YouTube user recorded his reaction to the womens pole vault video, and the expressions were too real.

Compared with the dry stage, pole vaulters bodies are full of beauty of strength, sunshine, health and nature. At the same time, in the category of Sports, pole vault requires womens legs to be long and powerful, but not as exaggerated as sprinters; their arms are required to be long and powerful, but not like Popeyes arms like javelin or discus players.

In addition, because the intensity is not like racing events, women pole vaulters can also use a little pink and white when they go on the court, which is in sharp contrast to some athletes who are still very nervous when they are on the court. In this event, you cant say that girls look like men, even if its a kind of sport Beauty.

In fact, there is no need to cover up. All the less dressed sports are like this, from beach volleyball which has always been the king of Olympic audience, to diving video (Note: sometimes the diving video on the football field is also included), gymnastics video, figure skating video. In this respect, even men and women are the same, in the 2016 mens double mens official release of the Olympic Committee In the video of the finals between Chen Eisen and Lin Yue in the 10m platform diving, most of the messages were: they are too hot! If they were in a public pool, they would be torn apart by the girls.

But beyond the beauty of the body, is pole vault itself unattractive? In terms of mass feedback, it seems that it is not. For example, the German research project of the tubing elder brother precisely elaborated this kind of delicacy: when I saw half of it, my wife came in, so I quickly switched the page to yellow film, so as to better explain to her.

Pole vault was originally invented as a practical tool for production across canals, ditches and swamps. It is similar to the popular book collection! Pole vault is the same function in Animal Friends Club. After being athletic, like most track and field events, pole vault has no threshold and can understand the rules with basic IQ.

In all the sports that challenge the limit of human beings, pole vaults extreme sense cant be compared with the 100 meter race of racing class. But as a hand-held tool to show strength and skills, pole vault brings sensory stimulation close to Parkour. In European and American education, children have to be told by their parents when they are young: dont hold sharp tools in their hands when running, and Chinese parents should teach their children not to play with fire at home. As a Chinese child, when you watch Liu Qian play with fire on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, do you also find it exciting?

There was a popular pole vault video on reddit. When you think that the player in the video is completely impossible to cross the pole, the miracle appears and it is suffocating: I always worry about the whole pole in his hand pierce him. Is there anyone like me? Im really afraid that his knee will rub off the pole. He may be more nervous than the player himself. Red Bull should really sponsor this project. (Red Bull likes to sponsor all kinds of extreme sports)

The little brother who recorded his own reaction above unconsciously changed his attention from Wow, her buttocks are so warped to Wow, is this something that human beings can accomplish? He didnt even notice that he didnt care about looking at the body..

Interestingly, watching womens pole vault is not a unique quirk of netizens outside the wall, or the exclusive algorithm of Youtube. Almost at the same time as the popularity of Italian indoor womens pole vault competition in 2019, an up host in station B uploaded a video of Polina knoroz, the goddess of womens pole vault. This video also has 2 million + playback, and even the comment area is like copy and paste. A strange consensus has been reached at home and abroad on the love of watching womens pole vault.

The popularity of womens pole vault has made Alisha Newman of Canada popular. She was the 7th place in the 2017 London World Championships. Although she was not unknown before, she was only a little transparent in the sports circle. Her best result was the fourth place in the Olympic Games. Her fame was incomparable with the pole vault queen Isinbayeva and the first sister Alison stoke.

Alison Stoke

What made her out of the circle was the video of the final of the 2017 World Championships in London. Alisha was the most talked about in the comment area, and she was recognized as the most beautiful player.

Suddenly one day, my insfollowers soared, and I didnt know what happened, Alisa revealed in an interview

Thanks to netizens, Alisha has successfully received the invitation of British high-end underwear brands to become its spokesperson. Currently, in addition to preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games, Alisha has to shoot fashion blockbusters from time to time and learn how to be a better model.

But looking at Alishas fashion hard photos, one cant help but let people ponder: with exquisite makeup, high-end customized underwear and sexy performance, Alisha is not as beautiful as wearing a ponytail and tight sportswear on the track and field field field.