Party newspaper: Chinas countering measures against the US will not have much impact on China.

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 Party newspaper: Chinas countering measures against the US will not have much impact on China.

On August 3, the State Councils Tariff Committee issued a notice, deciding to impose tariffs on some imports (the second batch) originating in the United States. Experts say that Chinas anti system measures are to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests as members of the WTO. It is a legitimate measure to maintain the multilateral trading system and maintain the normal operation of the global value chain. The counter measures will not have a great impact on the country. We are confident that we have the ability to maintain a stable and healthy economy. Exhibition.

The differential tax rate measures adopted by the Chinese side are rational and restrained.

In July 11th, the US government issued a measure of importing about 200 billion dollars of goods from China to levy 10% tariffs. In August 2nd, the US trade representative announced that it would raise the tax rate from 10% to 25%. In view of the above measures, the State Council approved by the State Council, the State Council Tariff Committee issued a bulletin to decide on 5207 items of taxes of about US $60 billion in the United States, and impose tariffs of 25%, 20%, 10%, and 5%. The announcement said that if the United States insists on imposing its additional tariff measures, China will immediately implement the above measures.

The US side seriously violates the WTO rules, destroys the global industrial chain and the free trade system, and once again unilaterally escalates trade frictions, which is a typical trade blackmail. Chen Wenling, the chief economist of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said that Chinas decisive anti - system measures have demonstrated our determination to resolutely oppose, oppose and counterattack the US trade blackmail.

The tariff counter measures issued by the Chinese government are the means of trade relief in the passive situation, which is not only to alleviate the adverse effects of the American trade protection measures, but also to safeguard the interests of the state and the people, but also shows our countrys determination to oppose trade protectionism and maintain the multilateral trading system. Li Chunding, director of the Institute of international economics, School of economics and management, China Agricultural University, said.

Chinas counter measures are reasonable actions that the United States has been forced to take when the US continues to intensify and continue to increase its size. Tu Xinquan, President of the China WTO Research Institute of the University of foreign trade and economic cooperation, believes that consultation only on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit is the effective way to solve the trade differences. Any unilateral threat or blackmail will only lead to contradictions and damage the interests of all parties.

Chinas foreign trade pressure capacity is increasing, and the steady growth in the future can still be expected.

The counter measures adopted by our country will not have a great impact on China. Chen Wenling said that, on the one hand, anti system measures have fully considered and measured the impact on the Chinese people and enterprises; on the other hand, the increase of tax revenue in the anti system measures will be mainly used to alleviate the impact of enterprises and employees.

To maintain stable and healthy economic development, we are not only confident, but also capable and qualified. Li Yong, deputy director of the expert committee of the China International Trade Association, said that Chinas economy is stable, the growth of GDP in the first half of the first half of the year is 6.8%, and the 12 consecutive quarter keeps running in the middle and high speed range; the market is large enough and the contribution rate of the final consumption expenditure to GDP growth is 78.5%. Now is the worlds second junior college, and the new format continues to add strength to the economy. At the same time, China is unswervingly pushing ahead with reform and opening up. The great relaxation of market access, the promotion of the development of the one way and one road , and the careful handling of the first China International Import exposition will stimulate the economic development and bring new impetus to the economic development, and will also bring more sense to the masses of the people.

Our countrys foreign trade compression ability is increasing. Zhao Ping, director of the International Trade Research Department of the China Institute of Trade Promotion Association, believes that although there are many uncertainties in the world economy, the world economy is still on the track of recovery and the demand of emerging economies is also booming, which is conducive to the diversification of Chinas foreign trade market.

From the view of Chinas export structure in recent years, the export of high value-added goods has increased rapidly and the proportion of its account is increasing. one way and one way has become a new bright spot in the export market. In this case, it is expected that Chinas foreign trade will not be greatly reduced because of the damage to exports to the United States, and the future steady growth is still possible. Zhao Ping said.

Wang Xiaosong, a researcher at the national development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China, believes that China will further expand its opening to the outside world and actively participate in the process of economic globalization, not only to promote the smooth and healthy development of Chinas economy, but also to make greater contributions to the prosperity of the international market.

Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said that after dealing with a series of major tests, such as the international financial crisis, our country has rich experience and ability to deal with the challenges of the change of the external environment. At present, Chinas vast domestic market and accelerated urbanization process provide favorable conditions for China to resist external risks and digest the impact of trade friction. Facing the threat of the United States, the most important thing is to do our own thing well. Gao Lingyun said that in accordance with the established deployment and rhythm, we should focus on solving new problems and responding to new challenges, unswervingly promoting reform and opening up, promoting the transformation and upgrading of Chinas economy and making continuous progress towards high quality development.

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