Manchester United lock in the Champions League and Adi loses millions of pounds

 Manchester United lock in the Champions League and Adi loses millions of pounds

In addition, being able to play in the Champions League will also bring more income to Manchester United. According to ESPN, last seasons Champions League champions Liverpool won a total of? 108.7 million in the Champions League prize money and broadcast fees. Obviously, Manchester United will also earn at least 80 million pounds from the Champions League next season, which will help Manchester United improve its financial situation when the world football world is negatively affected by the epidemic.

After Manchester United became rich, Red Devils stars Gary Neville and Keane both made suggestions to help, pointing out that Manchester United should not spend money like they did in the summer of 2018. Manchester United won the second place in the Premier League in 2017-18 season and qualified for the Champions League. At that time, Manchester United manager Jose Antonio spent 170 million pounds to buy many players in the summer transfer market, but these recruitment did not achieve good results in the end.

Gary Neville said: United need more players. The last time they made it to the top four in the Premier League was Jose Mourinho, who spent 170 million pounds that summer, but didnt invest as wisely as last year. United need to invest again, but they have to invest right to make the team close to Liverpool and Manchester City in every position

Gary Neville believes: the team needs to improve, first of all, it needs to improve the starting lineup, but it doesnt hurt any of the players who play today. If you play 55 or even 60 games a season, you need to have enough good players to compete. We have to make sure that we attract players who really want to play for Manchester United, which they havent done in the past 12 months, but Solskjaer seems to have brought the team back on track and worked well

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